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My screen flashes??Newly installed Mint.

Newly installed MINT. On some sites (not all), my screen flashes, more so when scrolling. I am using a wireless keyboard and mouse. Also my mouse will occassionaly lose it's connection. Batteries are new.
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My Screen has Shrunk !?!

I turned on my computer this morning to find my screen is around 20% smaller (ie it has big black borders), things look slightly more pixelated and stretched horizontally. I think it is probably due to updates I did last night. How can I change this, and/or how can I undo my previous updates?...
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my game won't work because of my monitors resolution, can you help?

This game is called lego loco. I am running it with wine and it says it cannot be run because of the monitors' resolution. It says it must be run with 600x800 full color, but when I set the resolution to 600x800 full color, it still doesn't work. Help!!
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