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Lubuntu 16.04 LTS on HP Pavilion x360 netbook not detecting wi-fi

Just installed Lubuntu on a trashed Windows 8 installation. Tons of driver issues with 8. Switched it over Linux but still no wi-fi. Ethernet works but the point of a laptop is the wireless.
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If a live distribution works will it install ok?

If a live dist of linux mint, linuxmint-17-xfce-d, works fine on my gateway netbook, will it install and work ok on the hard drive?
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what version of Linux would run well on a Toshiba net book with a Anton processor. How about mint?

the description of my computer; Toshiba netbook Anton processor, one gig of RAM, 150 gigabytes hard drive. The computer came with windows XP home edition installed. Wood Linux lima be a good choice?
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Can I use my Linux for Netbook?

Hi I'm installing a Linux OS on my netbook (asus- Intel Atom CPU ) it is. What do you think of my version I use? And send me a link to download it. Thank you.
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Is there a way that I can install Linux on my external hard drive so that I can boot from it?

I am using a Toshiba HB505 netbook and have a 1TB SeaGate FreeAgent external. What version of Linux can I use and what installer do I need?
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I have a Netbook with Windows XP it is completely corrupted I can't even use it. How do I install Linux on it?

I don't have any flash drives and I only have 1 CD-R(I have a couple of memory sticks for my PSP and an SDHC card for my camera though).
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