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What's the latest version of Linux?

What's the latest version of Linux. I want to try it but I don't know what the latest version is.
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How to increase my Linux partition size?

I am running Linux Mint in dual boot with Windows 7. I am really new to Linux but I am liking the feel of it and have started to install applications and games. I now have found myself with only a small amount of space left from my original 30 GB allocation. Is there a way to increase my partition...
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I need an OS

I have a Lenovo laptop, the hard drive crashed. I purchased a new Western digital, can I use Linux as my OS or will I still need LENOVO boot disk they are trying to sell me? Thank you in advance
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How would I update my Ubuntu Linux version 8.04?

I own a 9'' Dell laptop with Ubuntu Linux version 8.04. I would like to update it to at least the 10.32, and several attempts at doing so have failed. I'm open to any suggestions. Yes, my OS is old, and yes, my screen is tiny. Also, would updating erase my files/pictures/saved documents? I'm rather...
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Best new machine & distro for 1st time Linux user moving from Mac?

I want a new machine, and I don't do windows, and no longer support mac. Something that is easy to operate & will require little maintenance or a Honda car. I have a small business and need the basics...browser, office suite, and I love music so being able to rip CDs,...
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