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How do I correct a printing error "unable to connect to CIFS host?

Running Ubuntu 12.10 and printers are shared on a Win 7 network. I am a novice and having fun learning.
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Wireless Printer networking issue

I have a dual boot of Linux mint 9 Isadora with windows 7 home edition. I have a Brother MFC-8890dw wireless print station networked into a windows workgroup featuring 2 Windows 7 computers and 2 Windows Vista computers networked in. I am a new user to Linux and I have no idea where to begin on...
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How do I request an improvement to the kernel

Would like to request that an improvement be made such that printing of PDF files be speeded up. I am aware of two distros in which the printing of pdf's is abysmally slow. (Fast from any version of MS Windows on same machine.)
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Installation does not work for Dell 1130 laser printer?

The Dell 1130 driver in Ubuntu shows this printer in the list but for some reason changes it to 1100. The test print page prints an "INTERNAL ERROR: Please use proper driver" Please help! MK
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