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Which linux distribution do you offer me ? (Problem with ubuntu)

Hi, I have a problem with ubuntu. After installing ubuntu, my laptop is getting warmer and after 2-3 minutes reboots because of overheating. I think that problem comes of Radeon videocard. So what do you offer me to do ? PS sorry for my english
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Why isn't the networking component of the kernel working?

I cannot even contact Berkley? What is going on? Why is networking in open source a failure at this point in time when the world is moving forword so quickly to love and peace, into consolidation of communications, into the opening of the hearts and the souls with understanding of each other? What...
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How to solve the boot problems with grub in linux?

How to solve the boot problems  with grub in linux? help me
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Backtrack 5 r1 networking problem

hello !!! i have been using backtrack 5 r1 dual booted, but i m getting problem opening internet in backtrack 5, although my wicd manager is showing "connected to the wired ip()", but whenever i start my internet on morzilla to search it pop-ups the message "problem loading page", also some...
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