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Linux used to work, why does't it anymore?

5 years ago I installed a distro, entered my hostname, and ip address, and I had networking that worked with email, usenet, and other kinds of access to the outside world. Today, no, no, no it doesn't do that, I have to screw with it. Linux used to work, why does't it anymore? the distros were...
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are there any tricks to connect to wireless?

I've just acquired a computer that has linux. I've never used it before. I've bought a plug in wireless connection that says its compatible with linux. Its plugged in and is showing my connections. Its says excellent strength. It then asks for the password, I put it in and it says connecting then...
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Cannot boot linux ISO on xp sp3 compaq machine?

Tried different distros of linux on Compaq presario machine. Cannot get to boot from DVD or USB ? Go into bios change it, several times and it alwas boots XP? I have done this before, on this machine acctually. I love Linux and use it all the time. I want to dual-boot on this other machine. Thanks
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