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Linux Machine Start Issues (FASTAB)

Hi All, I am using Oracle Linux 6.5. Due to BAD ENTRIES in FSTAB , when machine is trying to start FSTAB error occurred on startup and Linux machine is unable to login. its ask me for ROOT password to enter in maintenance mode so when i enter in FSTAB it does not allow me to WRITE or make any...
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Reset root password?

I am trying to reset my root password. The GNU GRUB version is 0.97. There is no option to press "e" nor "a" to edit.
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Zorin install stalled at "root file"? how do i proceed?

using dvd install, it partitioned, then asked for root file using partitioning. since this was done by the install program, i can't find any partition software. should i try another distro? format the partition? i'm stuck but would like to try linux.
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What is rooting?

I've seen a lot of much more knowledgable people mention that they have made mods to their device by root-ing it, what does it actually do and why should I think about doing it?
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/dev/sda doesn't get created after clean install no root partition found

I did a fresh install on a powerbook g4 of arch linux ppc. I can only get it to boot to rescue shell. The live cd created a device node for drive but the install doesn't find the root partition and has no node created in /dev or in /sys/dev /proc/partitions read empty.
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