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Screen flashing white horizontal lines? Help Me Please!!

I have an hp omni 120 1020t. Running with a g620 sandy bridge pentium. I ran install with no internet connection so the problem was built in. The iso used was downloaded straight from Kali Linux website.
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Whenever I try to boot a Linux Distro from a USB it goes to an eternal black screen

I've tried countless of USB booters, such as Universal Usb, Rufus, Unetbootin. They seem to work fine as I can boot to the point to where boots to the options menu, where it says you want to install or try before you install or what have you. However whenever I try to install or test out the OS...
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How can I get linux to work on my computer?

I downloaded openSUSE, burnt it to a DVD and tried several times to install it but all I can get is a blank screen when I try to boot up. Can you tell me what's wrong?
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Virtual Box and Ubuntu?

Im running Windows 7 and loaded Virtualbox 4.3.10 and installed Ubuntu 14.04 in it to test it out and learn. Install and set up seemed fine and all is running now however the Ubuntu screen remains small even if you maximize the Virtualbox screen. I tried to change the screen resolution in Ubuntu as...
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My Screen has Shrunk !?!

I turned on my computer this morning to find my screen is around 20% smaller (ie it has big black borders), things look slightly more pixelated and stretched horizontally. I think it is probably due to updates I did last night. How can I change this, and/or how can I undo my previous updates?...
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Building a Digital Signage (Info Display) System?

We're setting up a simple "digital signage" system at our school. It will consist of one screen or TV and a computer that shows a slideshow and real-time information on the screen. The computer will be connected to network, but will have no input devices, and thus shouldn't have a graphical...
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