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Is installing Ubuntu on this type of system possible?

Hi guys, I am a student at a University and Linux is an essential part of my course. I have tried installing it, the first time Windows would just load without dualboot and I need dualboot guys Windows is important to me too. The second time I tried, however, the GNU command prompt would appear at...
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Dual boot two Linux distros

I'd like to run Ubunto 16 and Kali on my machine. I've already installed Ubuntu on the 750GB hard drive with an encrypted home folder. I tried running Kali in Virtualbox and that is a disaster and unusable. I tried to run the Kali installation to have it dual boot with Ubuntu but at the...
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problems with ethernet connectivity and a fresh Ubuntu Studio 14.04 install

What should I try next? I believe I have followed all of the properssteps to install Ubuntu Studio and have been sucessfull in installing Lubuntu and Ubuntu on this machine. I have spent the last couple od days trying to install Ubuntu Studio on a Dell Inspiron 9500 Laptop. The hardware worked...
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How do I change the default run level on Ubuntu 15.04?

I am configuring a ubuntu server 15.04, i install the OS with basic services, then i configure xcfe 4.2 desktop, but the PC start in run level 2 every time i reset, i need to change the default init start.
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How can I get Linux kernel 4.4 onto a Live USB ?

I want to install Linux on an ealry 2015 Macbook Air, but the SSD is not recognized by installers. Kernel 4.4 is supposed to fix this. How can I get the new kernel onto a Live USB drive to install Ubuntu, Mint, or Arch? Thanks in advance.
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How do I recover from Ubuntu upgrade crash?

Ubuntu gave notice of an upgrade to 15.04 and asked whether I wanted to install it. I indicated assent but later noted that it did not operate in a stable fashion and a number of apps didn't open up. After initiating update and upgrade commands the screen was flooded with script and a number of...
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How do I recover from Ubuntu crash?

I am relatively new to Linux but have been enjoying the experience, until today when I accepted an upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04. Hitches occurred and apps didn't open as expected. After using 'sudo apt-get update' and then 'dist-upgrade' lines of script flooded the screen for an interminable period,...
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Dell PC freezing on boot with Ubuntu

I have a dell PC and I wanted Linux instead of Windows (Like a normal guy would!). After installation if I boot up again it freezes at login. The PCs has a graphics card I don't know if this is the problem? Its a Nvidia geforce 700. Please help!
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Need help installing Ubuntu 14.04.3 on HP Probook.

I download ubuntu 14.04.3 from but it's not instaling on my pc.My pc is 64-bit hp probook notebook laptop and I downloded 64-bit ubuntu. Then why it's not instaling in my pc?
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