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Dual boot Persistent Kali + BlackArch on USB?

I currently own a removable SSD USB stick with 128 GB available on it. It has a high enough read/write time that it maintains persistent Kali very well and is split into two partitions currently to accomodate for the persistence partition Kali requires to have a persistent boot as well as the...
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Thumb Drive Debian Install Issues

I have a Lenovo S206 netbook and I am trying to run Debian 8.3.0 off of my thumb drive. I installed Debian on my thumb drive using unetbootin and a previously downloaded iso file (debian-8.3.0-amd64-CD-1). After install and booting from thumb drive i only have a blinking cursor. Any help would be...
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Where do I get a compatible WiFi USB adapter for my Linux 17 Qiana?

where do I get a compatible wifi usb adapter for my linux 17 Qiana on an old rebuilt Dell?
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Installing Linux Mint on a new laptop, advice please?

I recently bought a new HP Pavilion laptop running Windows 10. I want to install Linux Mint on a separate partition so I am able to jump back and use windows for small OS exclusive things such as games. The first problem I encountered is that the only usb drive I have on hand is one GB while the...
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How do I remount USB?

Somehow I unmounted my USB, so I went to terminal and typed mount /dev/sd* /mnt terminal response was ...only root can do that.... what should I type in terminal to remount my USB?
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How can I install linux on a USB stick?

I'd like the entire system to be installed onto and running from the stick, with no tracks on the host hardware. Is this possible?
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Whenever I try to boot a Linux Distro from a USB it goes to an eternal black screen

I've tried countless of USB booters, such as Universal Usb, Rufus, Unetbootin. They seem to work fine as I can boot to the point to where boots to the options menu, where it says you want to install or try before you install or what have you. However whenever I try to install or test out the OS...
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How can I fix a reboot error?

I've tried to install both ZorinOS and Lubuntu. I used unetbootin to install to a USB stick. Upon reboot from the USB drive, I get linux error, "Could not find kernal image: /ubnkern". There is a file on the USB stick with that name. I want to create a bootable USB stick to try out various...
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