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Best linux distro to play flash/netflix video on old hardware?

I have a tower that is over 12 years old and still runs pretty solid so I'd like to keep using it... hopefully. I recently upgraded the video card to a Radeon 4670 HD agp. Unfortunately having an AGP mobo makes this about the best possible card I could put in there and I got it for $30. Obviously I...
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What linux based dev board has the best video decoding performance in linux?

I'm looking for a device that can playback video 24/7 for digital arts displays but have been having trouble deciphering the different options. Well most devices claim to have some form of h.264 decoding on chip, I find people say there's no driver support in linux(it's targeted more at android...
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How do I transfer Linux data to iOS?

I have downloaded data files from Dish DVR to an external HDD. Win7 can't see the HDD. I would like to transfer to DVD. Is there an easy way or am I barking up the wrong tree? I understand I can use the DVR to play through and record off the TV, but I was hoping to fnd an easier way. Does Nero...
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How to convert ntsc dvd to pal?

There seems to be masses of auto-generated documentation about avconv but no easily available introduction to it. In particular I'd like to know how to convert an NTSC dvd to a PAL dvd. I'd like to be able to do this on the command line so that I understand what is happening. The 1960s series "The...
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how can i transfer video from mobail

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Can I run video in Linux?

Will linux run Video?
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