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Can I install Linux on a Windows UEFI Bios Mode computer?

I plan to dedicate a Windows computer totally to Linux. The computer has the Bios Mode UEFI. Will this could cause issues installing Linux? I am very new to Linux with much to learn. Appreciate any help thanks.
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How do I replace Windows 7 with Linux?

I am new to Linux, which I have heard about but never used. My OS now is Windows 7. I do not want to be forced to upgrade to Windows 10. So I am wondering if I should change to Linux. Please not -- I am absolutely not a computer expert. I just want to know how to switch from Windows 7 to Linux...
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How can I use Linux for internet and Windows 7 for applications?

Could I forget about Windows updates if I were to use Linux for going to the internet and continue to use Windows 7 for my applications? I have a lot of proprietary software that is designed for W7 and cannot afford to replace it. However, I am afraid to go to the internet with unupdated W7...
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Linux with taskbar like Windows 95/98

I am a Windows user and I would like to try Linux. I would prefer a distribution whose taskbar is similar to that of Windows 95/98. Let's imagine I have just opened three windows of Firefox, two windows of a word processor and one folder. I want my taskbar to look like this: But definitely not...
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What operating system does Linux have to replace Windows 7 home premium on laptop?

Hello, what linux operating would replace a windows 7 home premium operating on a toshiba c655-s5512 laptop, thank you. kevvon
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I want to switch from windows to Linux

Is Linux run entirely by commands or can I use a mouse while I'm learning?
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How to install windows 8.1 on a Linux system with a partition?

I just bought a laptop with Linux based OS. I want windows alongside it so that I can have a familiar option before I get comfortable with linux. P.S- What is the utility of Linux and how much space accordingly should I allot to it in the partition?
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Script to copy file from windows server to linux desktop

I back up a file from a windows server to an external hard drive. I am setting up a Linux Mint laptop to do this. I need a script that will copy the file every three hours, add a date time stamp, and delete any copy older than 96 hours. I have a batch file in windows that is doing that along with a...
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How does a Linux virtual machine fit into the overall architectural context of a Windows machine?

How does a Linux virtual machine fit into the overall architectural context of a Windows machine? I would just like to know how the two systems integrate.
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