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1. What is the best server version of Linux?
(CommunityAnswers / Networking)
2. Why is Linux a must if I want to mod?
(CommunityAnswers / Networking)
3. When installing where is the root file stored?
(CommunityAnswers / Desktop)
6. Network Attached Storage System (Home)
(CommunityAnswers / Hardware)
7. Basic requirement For Linux Consultant
(CommunityAnswers / Applications)
8. Raspberry Pi Spun Into Embedded Module
(Embedded / Mobile/Mobile Linux)
... GPU, as well as a complete source release of the graphics stack under a 3-clause BSD license. The source release describes the similar BCM21553 cellphone SoC, "but it should be reasonably straightforward ...
9. How Git Redefined Open Source Software Development
(Enterprise Computing/Systems Management )
... Ruby, PHP, and Python power the Internet, and operating systems like Linux and FreeBSD provide the foundation for thousands of companies and services. But open source isn't just about the free tools ...
... organization over others. Also, good Open Source projects never exist in isolation. Nearly every project both consumes other Open Source software (for our project that includes QEMU, Linux, and the BSDs) ...
11. Docker Gets a New Release and a New Nod of Approval
(Enterprise Computing/Cloud Computing)
... surrounding each container, making it possible for Docker to take advantage of isolation tools including OpenVZ, systemd-nspawn, libvirt-lxc, libvirt-sandbox, qemu/kvm, BSD Jails, Solaris Zones and even ...
12. How to Use the Super Fast i3 Tiling Window Manager on Linux
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... and BSD operating systems. It supports tiling, stacking, tabs, virtual desktops, and multiple monitors. You can do almost everything from the keyboard, or mix up keyboard and mouse. You can download ...
I love Docker, it's a fantastic concept, and so far the execution and progress of the project has been flawless. I also love FreeBSD; FreeBSD is a clean and powerful system with advanced features like ...
14. Five Funny Little Linux Network Testers and Monitors
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... on your Linux distribution, and what init system you are using (Upstart, systemd, sysvinit, BSD init). I shall leave it as your homework to figure this out. iperf Doubtless you fine readers have been ...
... source release of the graphics stack under a 3-clause BSD license," Raspberry Pi creator Eben Upton wrote in a blog post. Documentation and drivers are available here. Read 12 remaining paragraphs ...
16. Ars Walkthrough: Using the ZFS Next-Gen Filesystem on Linux
(Enterprise Computing/Linux Storage)
... with the initial installation if you prefer RHEL or Fedora or Arch or what have you—and if you're a BSD fan, ZFS is available from the base installer in either PC-BSD or in the latest 10.0 release of FreeBSD ...
... of a socket wrapper, NSS module wrapper (users, groups, hosts), and a (s)uid wrapper with support for GNU/Linux, BSD and Solaris.   The origin of these wrappers is the Samba project, where the ...
18. FreeBSD 10.0 Final Released
After an extended series of beta releases, the FreeBSD team has released version 10.0 of the venerable operating system.  After an extended series of beta releases, the FreeBSD team has released ...
A mysterious Bitcoin-powered white knight is reported to have come to the rescue of the struggling OpenBSD Foundation.…... No word on whether he's paying their server 'leccy bill forever and ever, ...
Does Hyper-V friendliness signal legacy status is utterly entrenched? The tenth version of the open source operating system FreeBSD has emerged.…... Does Hyper-V friendliness signal legacy status is ...
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