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Neural Net Computing Explodes

Neural networking with advanced parallel processing is beginning to take root in a number of markets ranging from predicting earthquakes and hurricanes to parsing MRI image datasets in order to identify and classify tumors. As this approach gets implemented in more places, it is being customized...
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In the Future, Intelligent Bots Might Have to Pay For Their Own Server Space to Stay Alive

...it appears we are drowning in an overabundance of a world where there’s an app for almost anything, leading to some rumblings of increasing “app fatigue” among consumers who are tired of juggling between or updating apps, or understandably cautious due to security concerns. But here’s where a...
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Machine Learning: The Bigger Picture, Part I

In the past few decades, computer systems have achieved a whole lot. They have managed to organize and catalog the information produced by our civilization as a whole. They have relieved us from stringent cognitive tasks and increased our productivity significantly. One could say that where the...
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mountains in Peru
Luis Camacho Caballero, from Peru, is one of 14 recipients of the 2016 Linux Foundation Training LiFT scholarship.

2016 LiFT Scholarship Winner Luis Camacho Caballero: Preserving Amazon Languages with Linux

Luis Camacho Caballero is working on a project to preserve endangered South American languages by porting them to computational systems through automatic speech recognition using Linux-based systems. He was one of 14 aspiring IT professionals to receive a 2016 Linux Foundation Training (LiFT)...
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IBM Links Blockchain with AI in New Industry Platforms Business Unit

IBM has underscored how seriously its taking Blockchain technology with the creation of a new business unit centered around it. The new business, called Industry Platforms, will be led by Global Business Services chief, Bridget van Kralingen. IBM’s entire blockchain leadership team will transition...
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New R Extension Gives Data Scientists quick Access to IBM's Watson

Data scientists have a lot of tools at their disposal, but not all of them are equally accessible. Aiming to put IBM's Watson AI within closer reach, analytics firm Columbus Collaboratory on Thursday released a new open-source R extension called CognizeR. R is an open-source language that's widely...
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Thinking about Big Data — Part Three

In part one we learned about data and how it can be used to find knowledge or meaning. Part two explained the term Big Data and showed how it became an industry mainly in response to economic forces. This is part three, where it all has to fit together and make sense — rueful, sometimes ironic, and...
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The Rise of Deep Learning in the Tech Industry

Tech analysts love trending topics. In fact, that’s their job: forecast and analyze trends. Some years ago we had “Big Data”, more recently “Machine Learning”, and now it s the time of “Deep Learning”. So let’s dive in and try to understand what‘s behind it and what impact it can have on our...
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Idea – Open Source Textbooks As AI-Book-Bots

I believe this idea is one of my more interesting ones. Inspired by those advanced AI chat bots or assistants. Would it not be interesting if there were a free and open source educational chat bot that would know the contents of your university textbooks. I mean the idea is simple. We remember...
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MIT Reveals AI Platform Which Detects 85 Percent of Cyberattacks

Could the artificial intelligence platform revolutionize the cybersecurity industry? Today's cybersecurity professionals face daunting tasks: protecting enterprise networks from threats as best they can, damage limitation when data breaches occur, cyberforensics and documenting the evolution and...
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