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10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2018

Dueling neural networks. Artificial embryos. AI in the cloud. Welcome to our annual list of the ten technology advances we think will shape the way we work and live now and for years to come. Every year since 2001 we’ve picked what we call the 10 Breakthrough Technologies. People often ask, what...
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Introducing RLlib: A Composable and Scalable Reinforcement Learning Library

In a previous post, I outlined emerging applications of reinforcement learning (RL) in industry. I began by listing a few challenges facing anyone wanting to apply RL, including the need for large amounts of data, and the difficulty of reproducing research results and deriving the error estimates...
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Tech Giants Are Using Open Source Frameworks to Dominate the AI Community

Research plays a crucial role in the AI movement, and tech giants have to do everything in their power to seem viable to the AI community. AI is mostly based on research advances and state-of-the-art technology, which is advancing very quickly. Therefore, there is no business need to make closed...
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The Open-Source Driving Simulator That Trains Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars are set to revolutionize transport systems the world over. If the hype is to be believed, entirely autonomous vehicles are about to hit the open road. The truth is more complex. The most advanced self-driving technologies work only in an extremely limited set of environments...
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Tanmay Bakshi
In his keynote at Open Source Summit in Los Angeles, 13-year-old Tanmay Bakshi will talk about how he’s using cognitive and cloud computing to change the world through open source initiatives.

Changing the World with the Power of Cognitive Computing

In his keynote at Open Source Summit in Los Angeles, Tanmay Bakshi will talk about how he’s using cognitive and cloud computing to change the world through open source initiatives, including “The Cognitive Story,” which is aimed at augmenting and amplifying human capabilities. Through this project...
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If Machine Learning Is the Question, Open Source Is the Answer

In the early days of Linux, for example, the director of IBM’s Linux Technology Center told me that for open source to be successful, you had to have a sufficient body of developers with aptitude and interest in a given area. Every developer needs an operating system, for example, so there tends to...
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Tanmay Bakshi discusses DeepSPADE, which can be used to differentiate between spam and non-spam posts on public community forums.

DeepSPADE (alias DeepSmokey): A Machine-Learning System That Collects Spam from the Internet

This blog is about a deep learning system I’ve created, called DeepSPADE (alias DeepSmokey) and how it’s being used to build better Internet communities. To begin, what is DeepSPADE, and what does it do? DeepSPADE stands for Deep Spam Detection, and the basic point is for machine learning to do a...
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What Developers Need to Consider When Exploring Machine Learning

This is the first article in a five-part series that covers the steps to take before launching a machine learning startup. The complete report, available here, covers how to get started, choose a framework, decide what applications and technology to use, and more.  While artificial intelligence (AI...
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Open Source AI
Both Google and Microsoft are drawing benefits from open sourcing their artificial intelligence tools, as community development makes the tools stronger.

Open Source AI Solutions Evolve through Community Development

Tech titans ranging from Google to Facebook have been steadily open sourcing powerful artificial intelligence and deep learning tools, and now Microsoft is out with version 2.0 of the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. It’s an open source software framework previously dubbed CNTK, and it competes with...
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Web Development Trends 2017

Web development is progressing at incredible speed these days and trends that were hot in 2016, today will be considered nothing less than archaic. Users are having more control and power and companies are shifting their services according to the user needs, which may be unpredictable. In this...
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