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ACME​ ​Support​ ​in​ ​Apache​ ​HTTP​ ​Server​ ​Project

We’re excited that support for getting and managing TLS certificates via the ACME protocol is coming to the Apache HTTP Server Project (httpd). ACME is the protocol used by Let’s Encrypt, and hopefully other Certificate Authorities in the future. We anticipate this feature will significantly aid...
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Rich Bowen
Rich Bowen discusses the secret of immortality and successful open source projects.

Open Source Mentoring: Your Path to Immortality

Rich Bowen is omnipresent at any Open Source conference. He wears many hats. He has been doing Open Source for 20+ years, and has worked on dozens of different projects during that time. He's a board member of the Apache Software Foundation, and is active on the Apache HTTPd project. He works at...
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Should the ‘KEG’ Stack Replace the LAMP Stack?

For years, the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl) has been an oasis for developers looking to build modern apps without getting locked into the desert of some big vendor’s ecosystem. It’s a convenient, widely used open-source framework that makes application architecture easy for...
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lnav – Watch and Analyze Apache Logs from a Linux Terminal

Less than two weeks ago, the Wannacry ransomware attack compromised thousands of computers, causing considerable losses to big companies and individuals alike. That, along with other widespread vulnerabilities found in recent years (such as the Shellshock bug), highlight the importance of staying...
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ApacheCon: Tomorrow's Software, Today. Schedule Announced!

The Apache Software Foundation, in conjunction with our friends at The Linux Foundation events team, are proud to announce the schedule for ApacheCon North America - http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/apachecon-north-america/program/schedule - and Apache Big Data North America - http://...
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How to Speed up Your Apache Web Server and Your Website Page Speed

In today's fast-paced online world, speedy loading times are almost considered to be a given. Websites that take a long time to load or lag in between pages are often left behind by the vast majority of Internet users, which is why optimizing this aspect of the visitor's experience is essential for...
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ApacheCon CFP
The ApacheCon program committee is seeking proposals from speakers with fresh ideas, enlightening case studies, best practices or deep technical knowledge for new standalone tracks such as FlexJS Summit, TomcatCon, ApacheIoT, CloudStack Collaboration Conference, and more.

Speak at ApacheCon 2017: 4 Days Left to Submit a Talk

ApacheCon gathers attendees from over 60 countries to learn about core open source technologies directly from the Apache developer and user communities. The ApacheCon program committee is seeking proposals from speakers with fresh ideas, enlightening case studies, best practices or deep technical...
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Apache Eagle Keeps an Eye on Big Data Usage

Apache Eagle, originally developed at eBay, then donated to the Apache Software Foundation, fills a big data security niche that remains thinly populated, if not bare: It sniffs out possible security and performance issues with big data frameworks. To do so, Eagle uses other Apache open source...
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In this tutorial, Carla Schroder explains how to protect your Postfix/Dovecot mail server with OpenSSL.

OpenSSL For Apache and Dovecot: Part 2

Last week, as part of our meandering OpenSSL series, we learned how to configure Apache to use OpenSSL and to force all sessions to use HTTPS. Today, we'll protect our Postfix/Dovecot mail server with OpenSSL. The examples build on the previous tutorials; see the Resources section at the end for...
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In this two-part series, Carla Schroder shows how to create your own OpenSSL certificates and how to configure Apache and Dovecot to use them.

OpenSSL For Apache and Dovecot

At long last, my wonderful readers, here is your promised OpenSSL how-to for Apache, and next week you get SSL for Dovecot. In this two-part series, we'll learn how to create our own OpenSSL certificates and how to configure Apache and Dovecot to use them. The examples here build on these tutorials...
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