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Python vs. R: The Battle for Data Scientist Mind Share

The difference between Python and R is largely philosophical. One is a full-service language developed by Unix scripters that happened to be adopted by stat heads, big data junkies, and social scientists. The other is a tool for data analysis designed and built by stat heads, big data junkies, and...
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Improve Your Node.js App Throughput One Micro-optimization at a Time

In order to improve the performance of an application that involves IO, you should understand how your CPU cycles are spent and, more importantly, what is preventing higher degrees of parallelism in your application. While focusing on improving the overall performance of the DataStax Node.js driver...
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SELinux, Seccomp, Falco, and You: A Technical Discussion

One of the questions we often get when we talk about Sysdig Falco is “How does it compare to other tools like SELinux, AppArmor, Auditd, etc. that also have security policies?” To help answer some of those questions, we thought we’d present a summary of other related security products and how they...
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Containerizing Stateful Applications

Application container technology, like Docker Engine, provides standards-based packaging and runtime management of the underlying application components. Containers are fast to deploy and make efficient use of system resources. Using containers, developers get application portability and...
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