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Antergos Linux
Antergos Linux: Always fresh, never frozen, according to the website. An impressive choice, according to Jack Wallen.

Antergos: User-Friendly Desktop, Fueled by the Power of Arch

Over the years, Arch Linux has had the misfortune of being maligned as one of the more challenging modern Linux distributions. That’s a shame, because Arch Linux is one of the most solid distributions you’ll find. Nonetheless, new users finding their way over to the official Arch Linux installation...
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Bedrock Linux Gathers Disparate Distros under One Umbrella

Want the power of Gentoo, the packages of Arch, and the display manager of Ubuntu in one distribution? An experimental distro could make that possible, though not necessarily easy.  An experimental Linux distribution under heavy development makes it possible to use software from other, mutually...
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