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Getting Started with Automation: 6 Tips

With forward-looking CIOs and their teams embracing automation instead of treating it like a boogeyman, 2018 appears to be an important year for this trend. Red Hat chief technology strategist E.G. Nadhan recently examined six ways automation is likely to impact the enterprise in the year ahead:...
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Automated Compliance Testing with InSpec

Compliance is a valid tool for enabling or facilitating secure operation of any type of IT organization, which is what ISO 27001 [1], BSI Base Protection [2], and various other certification bodies claim for their customers. However, corporations often need to implement compliance rules for...
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Linux for the Industry 4.0 Era: New Distro for Factory Automation

NXP Semiconductors, a world leader in secure connectivity solutions, just announced a Linux distribution that is intended to support factory automation. It's called Open Industrial Linux (OpenIL), and it's promising true industrial-grade security based on trusted computing, hardened software,...
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ONAP Rolls Out Amsterdam Release

Less than nine months after AT&T and the Linux Foundation merged their open source projects to become the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), the group today rolled out its first code release, Amsterdam. The highly anticipated release, which integrates AT&T’s ECOMP and the Linux...
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Sysadmin 101: Automation

This is the second in a series of articles on systems administrator fundamentals. These days, DevOps has made even the job title "systems administrator" seem a bit archaic, much like the "systems analyst" title it replaced. These DevOps positions are rather different from sysadmin jobs in the past...
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Highly Distributed Platform Deployment

This post will explore less technical and more “big picture” concepts. When we (Red Hat Professional Services) come on-site to help to deploy OpenShift (Enterprise-ready Kubernetes distribution) we work with the customer to determine what kind of journey they will experience while onboarding and...
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version control
In part 5 of our DevOps Fundamentals series, we’ll do a quick review of some of the tools and then discuss how to achieve consistency in the pipeline.

DevOps Fundamentals, Part 5: Consistency in the Pipeline

So far in our series previewing the DevOps Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261) course from The Linux Foundation, we have already looked at: High-Performing Organizations The Value Stream Continuous Delivery and Deployment Patterns and Practices In this article,...
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Ops: It's Everyone's Job Now

Twenty years ago ops engineers were called "sysadmins," and we spent our time tenderly caring for a few precious servers. And then DevOps came along. DevOps means lots of things to lots of people, but one thing it unquestionably meant to lots and lots of people was this: "Dear Ops: learn to write...
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How Microsoft Deployed Kubernetes to Speed Testing of SQL Server 2017 on Linux

When the Microsoft SQL Server team started working on supporting Linux for SQL Server 2017, their entire test infrastructure was, naturally enough, on Windows Server (using virtual machines deployed on Azure). Instead of simply replicating that environment for Linux, they used Azure Container...
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Testing or Monitoring? MTBF or MTTR? Make your choice!

What is more important testing or monitoring? Should you optimize for mean time between failures (MTBF) or mean time to repair (MTTR)? Your team is torn by the choice. Half of your teammates vote for a fully automated test suite, the other half for having good monitoring in production. You have the...
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