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14 DevOps Vendors Link Up to Simplify Enterprise Adoption of 'Best of Breed' Tools

Just as DevOps seeks to bring together the traditionally separate development and operations functions, so 14 vendors of technology and services designed to assist this process have come together to form a new initiative called DevOps Express. The idea behind DevOps Express is to streamline the way...
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Internet of Things
This series on the Internet of Things will look at major open source products and projects, IoT-oriented hacker boards, security and privacy issues, and more.

Who Needs the Internet of Things?

This week, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced it has sold more than 10 million Raspberry Pi boards and celebrated the milestone by releasing a new Raspberry Pi Starter Kit. While many of these Linux-driven hacker boards were used for the foundation’s original purpose -- creating a low-cost...
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network connectivity
In his upcoming LinuxCon + ContainerCon talk, Alban Crequy will discuss ways to test network connectivity of applications in containers.

Testing Network Connectivity for Applications in Containers

Testing applications is a critical part of software development as illustrated by the rise of continuous integration and automated testing. In his upcoming LinuxCon + ContainerCon talk -- Testing Applications with Traffic Control in Containers -- Alban Crequy will focus on one area of testing that...
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Automatically Deploy Build Images with Travis

This is the third and last tutorial in our series about creating CICD pipelines with Docker containers. Part one focused on how to use Docker Hub to automatically build your application images, and part two used the online Travis-ci platform to automate the process of running those units tests. Now...
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11 Programming Languages For DevOps Success

DevOps depends on two critical pieces: Software development and operational automation. Each of these requires programming and (follow me, here) programming tends to need a programming language. For those trying to chart a career path in DevOps, the question of what language or languages to learn...
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From DevOps to BizDevOps: It’s All About the People

Several of us from the OpenCredo team were in attendance at the inaugural EU edition of the DevOps Enterprise Summit conference. We have been big fans of the two previous US versions, and have watched the video recordings of talks (2014, 2015) with keen interest as many of our DevOps transformation...
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The Truth About Penetration Testing Vs. Vulnerability Assessments

Organizations Must Put Security Vulnerabilities Into the Context of Their Exploitability Vulnerability assessments are often confused with penetration tests. In fact, the two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are worlds apart. To strengthen an organization’s cyber risk posture, it is...
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How to Run Containers in Production Environments

The benefits of adopting a container-oriented development and deployment workflow are not fully realized if the adoption is only retained within the boundaries of development and test environments. The reluctance to run containers in production stems from concerns surrounding security and isolation...
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Kubernetes 1.3 Steps Up for Hybrid Clouds

The Kubernetes community on Wednesday introduced Version 1.3 of its container orchestration software, with support for deploying services across multiple cloud platforms, including hybrid clouds. Kubernetes 1.3 improves scaling and automation, giving cloud operators the ability to scale services up...
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The Rise of New Operations

It has been 6 years since I wrote a blog post titled The Rise of Devops. Many things have changed during this time and I realized a re-evaluation could be interesting. Today, in 2016, here is where I think we are. 1. Operations main focus is now scalability In the past, our primary purpose in life...
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