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IoTiivity 2
Vijay Kesavan describes plans for IoTivity 2.0 to support new platforms and IoT ecosystems and explore usage profiles in automotive and industrial domains.

IoTivity 2.0: What’s in Store?

In May, we reported on an Embedded Linux Conference talk by Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) Executive Director Mike Richmond on the potential for interoperability between the OCF’s IoTivity IoT framework and the AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn spec. We also looked at how the OCF has evolved from the ...
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open source news
One in 16 open source components downloaded by companies developing enterprise applications have security vulnerabilities. Learn more in Lucien Constantin's article for ComputerWorld this week.

This Week in Open Source News: AGL Releases Unified Code Base 2.0, Enterprise Software Uses Flawed Code, & More

1) The Linux Foundation's Automotive Grade Linux project announces release of Unified Code Base 2.0. Open-Source Linux a Step Closer to Automotive Use- CNet 2) Though the use of 3rd-party code in enterprise software projects grows, the code still often has open flaws. Enterprise Software Developers...
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This Automaker Just Joined IBM and Google as a Patron of Open-Source Software

The move reflects the growing importance of software to cars. While not as momentous as its introduction of the Prius in 1997—the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle—Toyota Motor Corp quietly took another bold, industry-leading step toward technological innovation last month. The world’s largest...
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Automotive Grade Linux
The Automotive Grade Linux project has released the second version of its Unified Code Base (UCB) distribution for in-vehicle infotainment.

Automotive Grade Linux Releases 2.0 Spec Amid Growing Support

The Linux Foundation’s Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project, which is developing a “Linux-based, open platform for the connected car,” announced the release of the second version of its Unified Code Base (UCB) distribution for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI). The latest version adds features like...
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Open Source Linux a Step Closer to Automotive Use

The Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project announced the release of its Unified Code Base 2.0, implementing new in-vehicle entertainment support desired by automakers and drivers. The new code base adds support for audio routing, rear-seat entertainment systems and apps. It follows the version 1.0...
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This Week in Open Source News: AGL Updates, Why Pick Linux, & More

1) Jack Wallen shares what's new with Automotive Grade Linux and why it's an important Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. agl-logo.jpg Used with permission Automotive Grade Linux Wants to Help Open Source Your Next Car- TechRepublic 2) Daniel Robinson shares the latest...
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Automotive Grade Linux Wants to Help Open Source Your Next Car

The Linux Foundation is bringing open source to the auto industry, thanks to Automotive Grade Linux.  The foundation started Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) to create open source software solutions for automotive applications. Their initial focus is on In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) and their long-term...
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Driving Cars Into The Future with Linux

I don't think much about it while I'm driving, but I sure do love that my car is equipped with a system that lets me use a few buttons and my voice to call my wife, mom, and children. That same system allows me to choose whether I listen to music streaming from the cloud, satellite radio, or the...
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This Week in Linux News: Hyperledger Project Set to Bolster Blockchain, AGL Membership Grows, & More

1) The Hyperledger Project will be the "open source programming project even bigger than bitcoin" to bolster a flexible blockchain system. maxresdefault.jpg The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin speaks to the importance of sharing the development of the blockchain; The Hyperledger Project...
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Automotive Grade Linux: An Open-Source Platform for the Entire Car Industry

Automotive Grade Linux could be the answer to today’s woefully fragmented, often frustrating automotive operating-system landscape. A project of the Linux Foundation, AGL is currently focused on providing an operating system for in-vehicle infotainment consoles. But its backers envision an OS that...
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