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dd command
When you’re looking for a tool to handle a bare metal backup, you may need to look no further than the dd command.

Full Metal Backup Using the dd Command

As with any aspect of Linux, there are myriad ways to do a single task. Everything from your desktop GUI, running a web server, checking logs, and backing up your system. Finding how to do a task that best suits your need can sometimes be a drawn-out process. But, when you’re looking for a tool to...
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How to Monitor the Progress of dd on Linux

The dd command allows you to duplicate a hard disk to another or erase a hard drive completely. It is also useful for backups and recovery. However, once you start a dd command, there's nothing to tell you of its progress. It just sits at the cursor until the command finally finishes. There are...
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encrypted backup
In this article on encrypted backups, you'll learn how to fine-tune your file selection and how to backup your encryption keys.

Managing Encrypted Backups in Linux, Part 2

In part 1, we learned how to make simple automated unencrypted and encrypted backups. In this article, I will show you how to fine-tune your file selection, and how to backup your encryption keys. rsync Include and Exclude Files rsync supports all kinds of complex ways to build lists of files that...
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deja dup
Déjà Dup offers just about any feature you’d need in a simple backup solution, driven by an easy-to-use front end.

Total System Backup and Recall with Déjà Dup

Linux offers a world of options. No matter your need, you’ll find a tool for the purpose. This holds true for servers, productivity, games, and everything in between. While you’re working on your desktops or servers, however, there’s one task of singular importance. That task is backups. You...
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How to Backup or Clone Linux Partitions Using ‘cat’ Command

A rough utilization of Linux cat command would be to make a full disk backup or a disk partition backup or cloning of a disk partition by redirecting the command output against the partition of a hard disk, or USB stick or a local image file or write the output to a network socket.
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No Objections to Object Stores: Everyone's Going Smaller and Faster

A couple of weeks ago I published an article about high performance object storage. Reactions have been quite diverse. Some think that object stores can only be huge and slow and then others who think quite the opposite. In fact, they can also be fast and small. In the last year I’ve had a lot of...
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34 Best Free Linux Backup Software

You may have read the story about a man deleting his entire company with one mistaken piece of code: accidentally misusing rm -rf in Ansible. It was a fairly obvious hoax designed to be a viral marketing effort. It achieved that goal as scores of media sources carried the story. But at least it...
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