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Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook – Book Review

Computer programmers, website developers, and people learning the basics as production managers of Linux and Unix systems will be able to acquire new information from this handbook. After reading this book, I wanted to share some of the key points with advanced engineers, as well as people starting...
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We continue our series on "Understanding OPNFV" with a look at the various open source NFV projects integrated by OPNFV and the carrier grade features contributed back to these upstream projects by the community.

Network Functions Virtualization: All Roads Lead to OPNFV

Previously in our discussion of the Understanding OPNFV book, we provided an introduction to network functions virtualization (NFV) and explored the role of OPNFV in network transformation. We continue our series with a look at chapters 4 and 5, which provide a comprehensive description of the...
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The "Understanding OPNFV" book provides a high-level understanding of what OPNFV is and how it can help you or your organization. Download now.

Understanding OPNFV Starts Here

If telecom operators or enterprises were to build their networks from scratch today, they would likely build them as software-defined resources, similar to Google or Facebook’s infrastructure. That’s the premise of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). NFV is a once in a generation disruption...
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