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Hyperledger Nears Release of Its First Production-Ready Blockchain

The Hyperledger project, a cross-industry open source blockchain group led by the Linux Foundation, plans to release its first production-ready distributed ledger code base by the end of the month, as projects involving the nascent technology begin to mature. Hyperledger Fabric is a type of...
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Blockchain Technology Can Help Save Refugees by Giving Them a Verified Identity

What if you had no proof of who you are? What would you do when the bank manager asked for ID when you tried to open an account or when the hospital asked for your documentation? You wouldn’t be able to function, at least not easily. Billions face this problem internationally, but now blockchain...
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[Bit]coin Flipping: It’s Up To the Developers How Soon Blockchain Goes Mainstream

The discussion about blockchain’s adoption is gaining momentum, but where are we now? How far are we from seeing blockchain in all industries and how can we help speed up the process? We talked to Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of the Hyperledger Project about all this and more. It’s been...
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Hyperledger Works on Its Open-Source Footing

Taking a bootstrapped initiative to a healthy open-source project is difficult. But when there’s only approximately 100 developers in the world that have a deep understanding of the technology, such as blockchain, the difficulty increases dramatically. Open-source veteran Brian Behlendorf was aware...
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