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Linux Foundation Certified Engineer: Alexandre Krispin

The Linux Foundation offers many resources for developers, users, and administrators of Linux systems. One of the most important offerings is its Linux Certification Program. The program is designed to give you a way to differentiate yourself in this competitive job market. How well does the...
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LiFT scholarship
Alexander Popov is using the free training and certification provided by the LiFT scholarship to take the Linux Kernel Internals and Development and continue on the path to becoming a full-time kernel developer.

2016 LiFT Scholarship Winner Alexander Popov: Linux Kernel Contributor

Alexander Popov is a Linux system administrator and Linux kernel contributor whose dream is to become a full-time kernel developer. He was one of 14 IT professionals to receive a 2016 Linux Foundation Training (LiFT) scholarship, announced last week.    alexander-popov.jpg Alexander...
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LiFT scholarship recipient
Ahmed Alkabary is taking a step up in his IT career as a 2016 LiFT scholarship winner.

2016 LiFT Scholarship Winner Ahmed Alkabary: A Recent Graduate and Aspiring SysAdmin

Ahmed Alkabary is a recent graduate of the University of Regina in Canada, where he earned degrees in computer science and mathematics as an international student from Egypt. He was one of 14 aspiring IT professionals to receive a 2016 Linux Foundation Training (LiFT) scholarship, announced this...
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How to Become a DevOps Engineer

Companies are eager to hire DevOps engineers, and it is not unusual for salaries of $200,000 or more to be offered to DevOps team leaders. A recent study by Indeed.com ranked DevOps engineers as the hardest hires for tech companies. Lack of talent - as opposed to money or other company resources -...
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Why Leading DevOps May Get You a Promotion

Does leading or engaging in DevOps a career booster?  Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project and leading DevOps proponent, seems to think so. In a recent interview with TechBeacon's Mike Perrow, Kim notes that of "the nearly 100 speakers at DevOps Enterprise Summits over the last two years, about...
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Open Source Jobs Report 2016
According to the 2016 Open Source Jobs Report, security is one of the top three open source skills.

Security Skills Give Open Source Professionals a Career Advantage

In today’s market, open source professionals with security expertise are crucial players on an employer roster. The growing use of cloud and big data, as well as the overhaul and expansion of many companies’ tech infrastructures, are driving the demand and need for professionals with this skillset...
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Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator: Elyasin Shaladi

The Linux Foundation’s Certification Program is designed to give you a way to differentiate yourself in a job market that’s hungry for your skills. But, how well does the certification prepare you for the real world? To illustrate that, we are featuring some of the people who have recently passed...
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Soft skills, such as mentoring, teamwork, and problem solving, are important for career success.

4 Essential, Non-Technical Skills for Open Source Pros

As an open source professional, even if you have the technical chops required for a position, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a “shoe-in” for the role. Surprisingly, what many don’t know is that what sets you apart from other candidates in the interview process is your soft skills. Finding a...
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Open Source talent
Companies and organizations need to help to establish, build, and sustain open source projects for the long term to accelerate innovation.

The Rise of the Open Source Professional

Whether you realize it or not, open source software affects just about everyone around the world, every single day. It’s used by almost any industry you can think of, including telecommunications, finance, healthcare, automotive, retail, entertainment and more. In the coming months and years,...
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Netflix has scaled its open source contributions through distributed leadership, or what it calls shepherds, aligned with engineering.

How to Write a Job Posting for an Open Source Office Lead

By Benjamin VanEvery I ran into several folks this past week at OSCON who expressed a keen interest in creating a dedicated role for Open Source at their respective companies. So what was stopping them? One simple thing: every single one of them was struggling to define exactly what that role means...
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