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CIP’s goal is to create a fundamental system for using open source software to power the infrastructure of our modern society.

CIP: Keeping the Lights On with Linux

Modern civil infrastructure is all around us -- in power plants, radar systems, traffic lights, dams, weather systems, and so on. Many of these infrastructure projects exist for decades, if not longer, so security and longevity are paramount. And, many of these systems are powered by Linux, which...
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Siemens plays an active role in advancing open source in the industrial space, in part through their involvement in the Civil Infrastructure Platform.

Civil Infrastructure Platform Takes Open Source to an Industrial Scale

One of the less discussed uses for open source software is actually in the role that it plays for industrial-scale hardware. Whereas power plants, factories, and other large infrastructure projects were once ruled over nearly entirely by operational technology (OT) control systems, in recent years...
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Yoshitake Kobayashi
“Our civilization’s infrastructure already runs on Linux,” said Yoshitake Kobayashi, contributor to the Civil Infrastructure Platform project, at the recent Embedded Linux Conference.

Civil Infrastructure Platform Sets Out to Save Civilization

“The Civil Infrastructure Platform is the most conservative of The Linux Foundation projects,” began Yoshitake Kobayashi at the recent Embedded Linux Conference in Portland. Yet, if any eyelids started fluttering shut in anticipation of an afternoon nap, they quickly opened when he added: “It may...
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