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6 Key Points about Intel's Hot New Linux Distro

The great thing about Linux is is that anyone possessing the wherewithal and dedication can produce a distribution to satisfy their own needs. That's also the bad thing, as it means many Linux distributions, even those with name backing, fight to distinguish themselves or to be recognized at all....
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Graham Whaley
Graham Whaley, Sr. Software Engineer at Intel, talks about re-imagining the whole container cloud stack with the goal of making a tenfold improvement in performance, during his LinuxCon Europe keynote.

Re-Imagining the Container Stack to Optimize Space and Speed

The line between containers and VMs can be thought of as a continuum, according to Graham Whaley, Sr. Software Engineer at Intel. In his keynote at LinuxCon Europe, he talked about the spectrum between fully featured, accelerated, secure, VM features all the way down to the barest minimum...
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