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Cloud Foundry basics course lab
A lab from the Cloud Foundry basics course, Zero to Hero, explains the Cloud Foundry CLI.

Cloud Foundry Releases Free Online Courses

As an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, Cloud Foundry makes it extremely easy to focus on delivering services and apps without having to worry about the platform. However, it’s not always so easy for developers and administrators new to Cloud Foundry to quickly get up to speed on...
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Cloud Foundry Launches New Docker-Compatible Container Management System

Cloud Foundry, the Pivotal- and VMware-incubated open source platform-as-a-service project, is going all in on its new Diego container management system. For a while now, the project used what it called Droplet Execution Agents (DEA) to manage application containers. After running in parallel for a...
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Sam Ramji
Cloud Foundry's Sam Ramji said that open source software is a positive sum game in his keynote presentation at ApacheCon in Vancouver in May.

Everyone Wins With Open Source Software

As open source software matures and is used by more and more major corporations, it is becoming clear that the enterprise software game has changed. Sam Ramji, CEO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, believes that open source software is a positive sum game, as reflected in his keynote at ApacheCon in...
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IoT and Multi-Cloud Take Center Stage at Upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit

Cloud Foundry Foundation, a collaborative project of the Linux Foundation, is organizing the next Cloud Foundry Summit in Frankfurt (Germany),between September 26 - 28, 2016.  We caught up with Sam Ramji, the CEO of Cloud Foundry Foundation to learn more about the upcoming summit. Here is an edited...
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Canonical-Pivotal Partnership Makes Ubuntu Preferred Linux Distro for Cloud Foundry

Pivotal, developers of the Cloud Foundry open source cloud development platform and Canonical, the company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, announced a partnership today where Ubuntu becomes the preferred operating system for Cloud Foundry. In fact, the two companies have been BFFs...
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With Cloud Foundry, Cloud.gov Provides a Federally-Compliant Cloud for Government Work

Ensuring U.S. government agencies have a compliant cloud-based infrastructure is the task of the General Services Administration’s 18F digital services, which created cloud.gov, a Cloud Foundry-based hosted cloud service specifically for federal agencies. In this episode of The New Stack Makers ...
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Containers Are on Fire as Enterprises Ramp Up Adoption

Container technology is rapidly transforming the way enterprises develop and deliver applications, and adoption is set to ramp up spectacularly in the next year, even as obstacles towards adoption persist. A new report from the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Hope Versus Reality: Containers in 2016,...
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Nearly Two-Thirds of IT Users Plan to Mainstream Containers in a Year, Global Survey Reveals

Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard multi-cloud platform, today announced findings from the most comprehensive global survey ever conducted on the adoption of containers. More than half of companies surveyed said they were either evaluating or using containers while a full 64%...
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"The reality is that technical talent in open source is tight. This is a huge opportunity for open source professionals and new graduates to grow their skills in this area." says The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin. More about OSS opportunities in Sharon Florentine's article.

This Week in Linux News: OSS Opportunity For New Grads, Why Cloud Foundry is Gaining Traction, & More

1) The 2016 Open Source Jobs Report shows that open source is a great career direction for new IT graduates. Is Open Source a Clear Path to Success for New Grads?- CIO 2) Sam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO, explains why the platform is continuing to gain traction.  Cloud Foundry Stages a...
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Cloud Foundry Stages a Comeback

A slew of big-name customers suggests that the application platform is finally getting traction. Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji explains why. Practically no developers in their right mind want to write an application from scratch and run it on single server anymore. Instead, they want to...
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