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Sebastien Goasguen covers five more reasons to love Kubernetes, from his presentation at LinuxCon + ContainerCon in Berlin.

5 More Reasons to Love Kubernetes

In part one of this series, I covered my top five reasons to love Kubernetes, the open source container orchestration platform created by Google. Kubernetes was donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in July of 2015, where it is now under development by dozens of companies including...
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OpenTracing: Microservices in Plain View

By Ben Sigelman (@el_bhs), OpenTracing co-author Those building microservices at scale understand the role and importance of distributed tracing: after all, it’s the most direct way to understand how and why complex systems misbehave. When we deployed Dapper at Google in 2005, it was like...
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Prometheus Reaches 1.0

In January, we published a blog post on Prometheus’s first year of public existence, summarizing what has been an amazing journey for us, and hopefully an innovative and useful monitoring solution for you. Since then, Prometheus has also joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, where...
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Prometheus Unbound: Open Source Cloud Monitoring

Prometheus 1.0 is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's effort to assemble a product portfolio for a container-based, open source cloud. Prometheus, an open source system for monitoring and alerting a wide spectrum of enterprise IT events, including containers, released its 1.0 revision...
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Contributing to Prometheus: An Open Source Tutorial

Recently adopted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit, focused on supporting the operation of microservices and containers. Like any open source project, it can be augmented with additional capabilities. Contributing to...
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PromCon 2016

PromCon 2016 will be the first conference around the Prometheus monitoring system. It will take place from August 25 - 26 at Google Berlin and will be a single-track event with space for 80 attendants. All talks will be recorded and published after the event to create maximum...
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Apprenda Acquires Kismatic, Expands Kubernetes Support

Apprenda today announced that it now offers a commercial distribution of Kubernetes, the well-known tool for deploying and managing containerized applications. Along with the new product, Apprenda will also offer enterprise support subscriptions to companies running Kubernetes. Additionally,...
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Welcome Prometheus

Hi - my name is Alexis Richardson, and I’m the chairman of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation TOC - Technical Oversight Committee.  The TOC is an elected board of nine people.  Representing the interests of CNCF’s members, we define and execute the CNCF’s technology strategy.  I’m...
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This Week In Linux News: Cloud Native Computing Foundation to Host KubeCon, Node.js 6 Released, and More

This Week in Linux News: Cloud Native Computing Foundation will begin hosting KubeCon, Version 6 of Node.js was released, and more. Read the latest Linux news with our weekly digest. cncf_logo_hztl2.png Used with permission 1) Cloud Native Computing Foundation to begin hosting...
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Container orchestration tools help enterprises integrate and manage containers at scale.
Container orchestration tools help enterprises integrate and manage containers at scale.

8 Container Orchestration Tools to Know

A previous article on next-generation cloud technologies listed container orchestration as one of the emerging technologies to know. As the use of containers increases and organizations deploy them more widely, the need for tools to manage containers across the infrastructure also increases....
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