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Does the Container Ecosystem Need a Map?

At last month’s KubeCon in Seattle, members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation put forth a chart depicting the various projects, both commercial and open source, that either individually or collectively contributed to its perception of the “cloud native” ecosystem. You might call it, for lack...
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CloudNative/Kubernetes Roadshow
Join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation on the road February 7-9 in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. The first ever Cloud Native/Kubernetes 101 Roadshow: Pacific Northwest will introduce key concepts, resources, and opportunities for learning more about cloud native computing.

What You’ll Learn at Cloud Native/Kubernetes 101 Roadshow: Pacific Northwest!

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is taking to the road February 7-9  in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver to offer end users, developers, students and other community members the ability to learn from experts at Red Hat, Apprenda and CNCF on how to use Kubernetes and other cloud native...
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Dan Kohn
Dan Kohn Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, relates the history of the cloud in his LinuxCon Europe keynote presentation.

A Brief History of the Cloud

How we use computing infrastructure has changed drastically over the past two decades, moving from buying physical servers to having tools and technologies that make it easy for companies and individual developers to deploy software in the cloud. In his LinuxCon Europe keynote, Dan Kohn, Executive...
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Diversity Scholarship Series: My Programming Journey – Becoming a Kubernetes Maintainer

I’m Lucas Käldström from Finland. I speak Swedish as my mother tongue in the same manner as 300,000 others in my country do. I just turned 17 and am attending my second year in general upper secondary school. In my spare time, I play soccer, program, go to the gym and read a good book. I’ve always...
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Diversity Scholarship Series: My Time at CloudNativeCon 2016

Author: Leah Petersen, intern, Samsung SDS CNCT All registered for #Kubecon with @DeirdreStorck - ready to learn! #CloudNativeCon View image on Twitter In her opening keynote speech at CloudNativeCon/KubeCon 2016 in Seattle, WA, Chen Goldberg stated Kubernetes was more than open source it...
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SUSE, Microsoft, Linux and Containers: Open Source Continues Its Enterprise March

Open source has risen to become a truly viable option for enterprises due to the cost savings that can be achieved, the often faster production cycles, and the ability to tap into a growing community of highly skilled workers. While open source adoption may still face its challenges, it has seen a...
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Get trained and certified
The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation are partnering to provide training and certification for Kubernetes.

Get Trained and Certified on Kubernetes with The Linux Foundation and CNCF

Companies in diverse industries are increasingly building applications designed to run in the cloud at a massive, distributed scale. That means they are also seeking talent with experience deploying and managing such cloud native applications using containers in microservices architectures....
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Containers infrastructure
Deploying Kubernetes across multiple clouds and data centers can lead to challenges, says Alena Prokharchyk of Rancher Labs, who will be speaking at KubeCon in Seattle.

Automating Infrastructure Deployment for Kubernetes

Many organizations run Kubernetes clusters in a single public cloud, such as GCE or AWS, so they have reasonably homogenous infrastructure needs, says Alena Prokharchyk, Principal Software Engineer at Rancher Labs.  In these situations, deploying Kubernetes clusters is relatively straightforward....
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Shanghai skyline
In his talk at KubeCon, Xin Zhang, CEO of Caicloud, will describe his company’s experiences using Kubernetes to manage production systems in large-scale Chinese enterprises.

Managing Production Systems with Kubernetes in Chinese Enterprises

Kubernetes has rapidly evolved from running production workloads at Google to deployment in an increasing number of global enterprises. Interestingly, US and Chinese enterprises have different expectations when it comes to requirements, platforms, and tools. In his upcoming talk at KubeCon, Xin...
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Sebastien Goasguen covers five more reasons to love Kubernetes, from his presentation at LinuxCon + ContainerCon in Berlin.

5 More Reasons to Love Kubernetes

In part one of this series, I covered my top five reasons to love Kubernetes, the open source container orchestration platform created by Google. Kubernetes was donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in July of 2015, where it is now under development by dozens of companies including...
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