3 Aging IT Specialties that Just Won't Retire

If your organization has a point-of-sale system running on technology that is older than you care to admit in public, well, you’re not alone. Baby Boomers are retiring and taking with them the skills to run legacy technologies upon which organizations still (amazingly) rely – from AS/400 wrangling...
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Writing Docker Microservices in COBOL

There is one thing that COBOL does very well and that has kept it around longer than one would expect. The one thing that COBOL does well is volume processing. A lot of very big companies and firms use it to process a lot of data. The Social Security Administration currently has about 60 million...
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LzLabs Launches Product to Move Mainframe COBOL Code to Linux Cloud

Somewhere in a world full of advanced technology that we write about regularly here on TechCrunch, there exists an ancient realm where mainframe computers are still running programs written in COBOL. This is a programming language, mind you, that was developed in the late 1950s, and used widely in...
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