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A Tale of Cylinders and Shadows

Taking a closer look as to why GTK+ experienced significant speed issues when used with Wayland and HiDPI screens. --- Written by Gustavo Noronha, Web Domain Lead at Collabora. Like I wrote before, we at Collabora have been working on improving WebKitGTK+ performance for customer projects, such as...
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How Continuous Integration Can Help You Keep Pace With the Linux Kernel

Written by Tomeu Vizoso, Principal Software Engineer at Collabora. Almost all of Collabora's customers use the Linux kernel on their products. Often they will use the exact code as delivered by the SBC vendors and we'll work with them in other parts of their software stack. But it's becoming...
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Collabora's Devs Add Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Enhanced AC-3 to GStreamer 1.10

(As originally published on Softpedia, November 3, 2016) Today, November 3, 2016, Collabora informs us about the contributions done by its multimedia team on the release of the powerful, free, open-source and cross-platform GStreamer 1.10 multimedia framework. We reported the other day the release...
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