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ss utility
Dumping sockets is not quite as much fun as dumping a load from a backhoe but it has its charms. Learn more in this ss utility tutorial.

Probe Your Linux Sockets With ss

We all know and love netstat (network statistics), because it is a wonderful tool for viewing detailed network connection information. An interesting alternative is ss, socket statistics. ss is part of the iproute2 suite of network tools. ss displays statistics about your network sockets, which...
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unknown Linux commands
Explore the outer limits of Linux with Carla Schroder in this roundup of little-known utilities.

More Unknown Linux Commands

A roundup of the fun and little-known utilities termsaver, pv, and calendar. termsaver is an ASCII screensaver for the console, and pv measures data throughput and simulates typing. Debian's calendar comes with a batch of different calendars, and instructions for making your own. linux-commands-...
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Micro – A Modern Terminal Based Text Editor with Syntax Highlighting

Micro is a modern, easy-to-use and intuitive cross-platform terminal-based text editor that works on Linux, Windows and MacOS. It is written in GO programming language and designed to utilize the full capabilities of modern Linux terminals. It is intended to replace the well known nano editor by...
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Bash shortcuts
Using keyboard shortcuts is as easy as clicking your heels when you follow the tips in this tutorial.

Fabulous Bash Navigation Shortcuts

We old coots are forever going on about our favorite keyboard shortcuts, because that is still the fastest way to get stuff done on a computer. Life is too short to faff around the hard way, so let's try some nice Bash time-saving shortcuts. The barrier for a lot of people is not having decent...
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Install from source
Jack Wallen shows how you can install from source -- yet avoid a dependency nightmare -- with the help of a few tools.

How to Install Packages from Source on Linux

Most modern Linux distributions enjoy standard repositories that include most of the software you’ll need to successfully run your Linux server or desktop. Should a package come up missing, more than likely you’ll find a repository you can add, so that the installation can be managed with the built...
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Security tips
Linux installation best practices for workstation security vary by distribution. But, in general, there are some essential steps to take. Some are pretty obvious (i.e., choose good passphrases), while others are more involved.

Security Tips for Installing Linux on Your SysAdmin Workstation

Once you’ve chosen a Linux distro that meets all the security guidelines set out in our last article, you’ll need to install the distro on your workstation. Linux installation security best practices vary, depending on the distribution. But, in general, there are some essential steps to take: ...
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hardware discovery
This tutorial takes a deep dive the lshw (list hardware) and lsusb (list USB) commands, which let you learn everything about your hardware without ever opening the case.

Deep Hardware Discovery With lshw and lsusb on Linux

In today's stupendous roundup, we will dig into the beloved lshw (list hardware) and lsusb (list USB) commands. This is a wonderful rabbit hole to fall down and get lost in as you learn everything about your hardware down to minute details, without ever opening the case. lshw The glorious lshw (...
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Although the feature set included with TFTP is limited, it can still be very useful on a local area network. Chris Binnie has details in this tutorial.

Trivial Transfers with TFTP, Part 1: Why Use It?

Sometimes we find ourselves using technologies that -- although we may not realize it -- stem from way back in the history of the Internet. The other day, I was using Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) and looked up its Request For Comments (RFC) only to discover that it’s been around a while...
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Bash Scripting Quirks & Safety Tips

Yesterday I was talking to some friends about Bash and I realized that, even though I’ve been using Bash for more than 10 years now there are still a few basic quirks about it that are not totally obvious to me. So as usual I thought I’d write a blog post. We’ll cover some bash basics (“how do you...
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Linux on Windows
Learn how to easily switch between Linux distros on Windows.

How to Use Different Linux Bash Shells in Windows 10

It’s no secret that Linux dominates the cloud, whether it’s a private cloud running on OpenStack or if it’s AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud.  Microsoft itself admits that one out of three machines run Linux in Azure cloud.  However,  as more customers were running Linux, they needed the ability to...
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