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Safia Abdalla
Crankshaft is the optimizing compiler in the JavaScript V8 engine (which is used by Node); learn how it works in this presentation from Safia Abdalla at Node.js Interactive.

Tune Up Your Code with the Crankshaft Compiler

Safia Abdalla is an open source developer and a maintainer on a project called nteract, but her pet topic is compilers. And, in her talk at Node.js Interactive, Abdalla explained the inner workings of the V8 compiler and how it can optimize the code it gets fed. Although Abdalla specifically...
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Memory Error Detection Using GCC

GCC has a rich set of features designed to help detect many kinds of programming errors. Of particular interest are those that corrupt the memory of a running program and, in some cases, makes it vulnerable to security threats. Since 2006, GCC has provided a solution to detect and prevent a subset...
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