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Container Networking Challenges the Focus of Tigera Calico Update

Tigera is adding new features to its Calico container networking product in an attempt to ease Kubernetes-based management and hit enterprise-grade needs. The boldly named Essentials for Kubernetes product is the firm’s first commercial packaged platform. The product is specifically targeted at...
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Containers Moving Beyond Servers

So far, containers have been used mostly to develop or deploy apps to servers—specifically, x86 servers. But containers have a future beyond the data center, too. From internet of things (IoT) devices, to ARM servers, to desktop computers, containers also hold promise. It’s obvious enough why...
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Tigera Plans to Solve the Container Networking Challenge

Container networking is a messy affair. Tigera, a startup announced earlier this month by Metaswitch veterans, aims to make it simpler and more secure by melding Project Calico and CoreOS flannel into a new open source platform called Canal. Although containers from CoreOS, Docker, and other...
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Evolution or Revolution? The Impact of Open Source on Communication Providers

The march toward open source is rapidly turning into an all-out race, with research projects and applications extending to new industry sectors, including communication providers. What started out in the software realm has moved into the hardware space, bringing with it significant changes for...
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OpenStack, SDN, and Container Networking Power Enterprise Cloud at PayPal

Experimenting with software-defined networking (SDN), overlays and container networking is the latest step in PayPal's journey to build its next generation Enterprise Cloud infrastructure. At Open Networking Summit 2016 (ONS), Jigar Desai, VP of Cloud and Platforms at PayPal, shared the company’s...
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CoreOS Funding Hits $48M as Container Momentum Builds

At the CoreOS Fest event in Berlin, CoreOS announced a new $28 million round funding, bringing total funding to date to $48 million. In addition to the new funding, CoreOS unveiled multiple new efforts, including a new version of its etcd distributed key store, BitTorrent-based container image...
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