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Why Should You Use Microservices and Containers?

What to expect when you're working with microservices and containers. First of all, what are microservices? Microservices is a type of architecture that splits your application into multiple services that does a fine-grained function that’s a part of your application as a whole. Each of your...
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The Spinnaker community recently announced the governance structure for the project; learn more.

Spinnaker: The Kubernetes of Continuous Delivery

Comparing Spinnaker and Kubernetes in this way is somewhat unfair to both projects. The scale, scope, and magnitude of these technologies are different, but parallels can still be drawn. Just like Kubernetes, Spinnaker is a technology that is battle tested, with Netflix using Spinnaker internally...
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Building Open Source Security into DevOps

DevOps is a philosophy of IT operations that binds the development of services and their delivery to the core principles of W. Edwards Deming’s points on Quality Management. When applied to software development and IT organizations, Deming’s principles seek to improve the overall quality of...
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DevOps, Agile, and Continuous Delivery: What IT Leaders Need to Know

Enterprises across the globe have implemented the Agile methodology of software development and reaped its benefits in terms of smaller development times. Agile has also helped streamline processes in multilevel software development teams. And the methodology builds in feedback loops and drives the...
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The Quickie Guide to Continuous Delivery in DevOps

Developers are always under pressure to produce more and release software faster, which encourages the adoption of new concepts and tools. But confusing buzzwords obfuscate real technology and business benefits, particularly when a vendor has something to sell. That makes it hard to determine what...
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DevOps patterns
In this article, we will cover patterns and practices and discuss the Three Ways of DevOps.

DevOps Fundamentals, Part 4: Patterns and Practices

We are back with more information in our series previewing the DevOps Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261) course from The Linux Foundation. So far, we've looked at high-performing organizations, the value stream, and Continuous Delivery and Deployment. In this article, we will...
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Continuous Delivery
Continuous delivery is the process of releasing new software frequently through automated testing and continuous integration. Learn more in this course preview.

DevOps Fundamentals, Part 3: Continuous Delivery and Deployment

We’re back with another installment in our preview of the DevOps Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261) course from The Linux Foundation. In the previous articles, we looked at high-performing organizations and then discussed the value stream. In this article, we move along to...
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value stream
We continue our preview of the DevOps Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery course with a look at the value stream.

DevOps Fundamentals, Part 2: The Value Stream

We’re continuing our preview of the DevOps Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261) course from The Linux Foundation. The online, self-paced course is presented through short videos and provides basic knowledge of the process, patterns, and tools used in building and managing a...
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Continuous Delivery of a Microservice Architecture using Concourse.ci, Cloud Foundry and Artifactory

This comprehensive tutorial takes a simple microservice architecture and explains how to setup a concourse pipeline in order to test and deploy single microservices independently without affecting the overall microservice system. Cloud Foundry will be used as a platform to which the microservices...
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IBM Bluemix Wants to Take the Drudgery out of DevOps

IBM's Bluemix Continuous Delivery offers reusable workflows for devops, with familiar services like GitHub and Slack as part of the plan. With Bluemix, IBM set out to create a cloud environment rich with tools that developers could then harness to their benefit. Next step for IBM: Make it easy to...
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