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Secure application deployment
Tim Mackey discusses how DevOps principles are key to mitigating vulnerabilities and reducing the scope of compromise in this preview to his talk at LinuxCon + ContainerCon Europe.

DevOps and the Art of Secure Application Deployment

Secure application deployment principles must extend from the infrastructure layer all the way through the application and include how the application is actually deployed, according to Tim Mackey, Senior Technical Evangelist at Black Duck Software. In his upcoming talk, “Secure Application...
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Devops and Cloud: Great Together, Great Apart

Devops and cloud computing go together like chocolate and peanut butter, but you can have one without the other. Devops strongly benefits many enterprises by encouraging more continuous development and deployment by bringing some operations capabilities to in-house programmers. The business case...
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Containers and Immutable Deployments (The DevOps 2.0 Toolkit)

The third part in the DevOps Toolkit series looks at further ways to solve infrastructure problems beyond configuration management by turning to everyone's favorite whale... Even though CM alleviated some of the infrastructure problems, it did not make them go away. The problem is still there, only...
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Electric Cloud Automates Rolling Deployments for Zero-Downtime Updates

Electric Cloud wants to free up deployment teams weekends by eliminating the heavy scripting and manual steps involved in releasing new software. The latest feature for its ElectricFlow release automation software is rolling deployments with the push of a button, allowing customers to choose the...
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