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Effective Application Security Testing in DevOps Pipelines

Before considering what it means to have application security testing integrated into the DevOps Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, it is worth asking why it is valuable to integrate application security testing into these pipelines in the first place.  A fundamental tenet...
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The Wrong Tool for the Job Ruins DevOps on Cloud Plans

Selecting DevOps tools to support cloud applications requires planning and expertise around the app architecture and the deployment model -- one provider, hybrid or multicloud -- supporting it. Complexity created during application deployment translates into increased costs and disruptive errors in...
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Containers in Production – Is Security a Barrier? A Dataset from Anchore

Over the last week we have had the opportunity to work with an interesting set of data collected by Anchore (full disclosure: Anchore is a RedMonk client). Anchore collected this data by means of a user survey ran in conjunction with DevOps.com. While the number of respondents is relatively small,...
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IBM Bluemix Wants to Take the Drudgery out of DevOps

IBM's Bluemix Continuous Delivery offers reusable workflows for devops, with familiar services like GitHub and Slack as part of the plan. With Bluemix, IBM set out to create a cloud environment rich with tools that developers could then harness to their benefit. Next step for IBM: Make it easy to...
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Manivannan Selvaraj
Manivannan Selvaraj shares a wealth of insights on PayPal's CI infrastructure in this talk from LinuxCon NA.

PayPal Cuts Costs 10x With Open Source CI

The bigger you are, the more small efficiencies add up. Manivannan Selvaraj's talk from LinuxCon North America gives us a detailed inside view of how PayPal cut operating costs by a factor of ten, while greatly increasing performance and user convenience. Everything has to be fast now. We can't...
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Atlassian: “DevOps Is the New Normal”

“DevOps isn’t any single person’s job — it’s everyone’s job.” What does DevOps mean for Atlassian and what shapes the company culture? How do departments support DevOps and what are the usual DevOps aspects that aren’t part of the company values? We invited Ian Buchanan, Developer Advocate,...
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GitLab, Consumer Driven Contracts, Helm and Kubernetes

Previously I wrote about the different type of services you can run in a Kubernetes cluster. This article will focus on building a workflow driven by Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for deploying the services on Kubernetes. We’ll develop and deliver an Application with two different...
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network connectivity
In his upcoming LinuxCon + ContainerCon talk, Alban Crequy will discuss ways to test network connectivity of applications in containers.

Testing Network Connectivity for Applications in Containers

Testing applications is a critical part of software development as illustrated by the rise of continuous integration and automated testing. In his upcoming LinuxCon + ContainerCon talk -- Testing Applications with Traffic Control in Containers -- Alban Crequy will focus on one area of testing that...
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Viewing build details in Travis
Viewing build details in Travis.

How to Automate Web Application Testing With Docker and Travis

This tutorial is part of a series on how to create CI/CD pipelines for your web applications using Docker containers. It is following up the first part focused on how to use Docker Hub to automatically build your application images. Application testing is key for a properly functioning web...
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GitLab Container Registry

Yesterday we released GitLab 8.8, super powering GitLab's built-in continuous integration. With it, you can build a pipeline in GitLab, visualizing your builds, tests, deploys and any other stage of the life cycle of your software. Today (and already in GitLab 8.8), we're releasing the next step:...
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