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Game of Nodes: Network Operators vs. Cloud Operators

There’s a whirlwind of information on the topic of network commoditization. Seriously. Just search in your favorite search engine for “SDN,” “NFV,” or “telco cloud.” You will find dozens of open source projects, communities, forums, architectural definitions, standards, standard bodies, news...
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Google Brings SDN to the Public Internet

Google unveiled to the outside world its peering edge architecture — Espresso. At the Open Networking Summit (ONS), Google Fellow Amin Vahdat said Espresso is the fourth pillar of Google’s software-defined networking (SDN) strategy. Its purpose is to bring SDN to the public Internet. Espresso,...
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Python vs. R: The Battle for Data Scientist Mind Share

The difference between Python and R is largely philosophical. One is a full-service language developed by Unix scripters that happened to be adopted by stat heads, big data junkies, and social scientists. The other is a tool for data analysis designed and built by stat heads, big data junkies, and...
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SDN redefines travel
Rashesh Jethi will speak at Open Networking Summit about how software-defined networking and data centers are redefining the travel industry and moving millions of people every day.

Amadeus: Redefining Travel Industry Tech Through Open Source and SDN

Travel tech giant Amadeus has been moving toward a fully software-defined data center strategy over the past few years -- one based on open source and software-defined networking (SDN). rashesh-jethi-amadeus-2016.jpg Rashesh Jethi, SVP of Engineering at Amadeus, will speak at Open...
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ZTE’s Approach to Digital Transformation with Software-Defined Networking

Editor’s Note: ZTE is a Gold-level sponsor of Open Networking Summit 2017, to be held April 3-6 in Santa Clara, CA. The dawn of new services such as 5G, IoT, AR/VR, e-commerce, connected cars,and more, is driving us to digitalization -- a massive transition that also requires the network to change...
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SDN network
Javier Benitez discusses Colt’s SDN and NFV solutions, focusing on current development efforts and future plans.

How One Service Provider Developed On Demand Network Services with SDN and NFV

IT virtualization has radically changed the face of compute, storage, and network services in data centers and beyond. In response, Colt -- a network and communications service provider -- back in 2015 began developing a program that has transformed the way the company offers network services to...
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Linus Torvalds, Greg KH
"The Linux team has patched a 'dangerous' vulnerability in the Linux kernel that allowed attackers to elevate their access rights and crash affected systems," reports Catalin Cimpanu for BleepingComputers.

The Week in Open Source News: Web Titans Influence Data Center Networking, How Blockchain Kickstarts Business & More

This week in open source news, SDxCentral calls The Linux Foundation crucial to the networking evolution, the cloud should be central in kickstarting your business, and more! Read on for more Linux and OSS headlines. 1) "With the importance of open source and SDN, virtual switches, and open...
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ETSI is Bullish on the Results of Its First NFV Interoperability Tests

The European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) recently put on a plugtest event in Madrid, Spain, where 35 commercial and open source implementations were tested for interoperability, and it saw promising results as released in its report. For features like network service on-boarding,...
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Mesosphere Extends Data Services Reach

As critical as container orchestration itself might be, most IT organizations view that capability as the means to a larger end. To drive that point home even further, Mesosphere this week has released an update to its DC/OS platform that provides access to more than 100 different data services...
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Where is the Edge in Edge Computing?

Aside from 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), the third acronym on everyone’s lips at Mobile World Congress 2017 was MEC, which stands for mobile edge computing. But where exactly is the edge?  The answers are all over the board, but they paint a picture of network architectures, which are...
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