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The DevOps Engineer Is An Optical Illusion

IT pros and developers can't be excellent at everything. Instead, embracing specialization and empowering collaboration in your organization can achieve meaningful and lasting DevOps progress. Building a collaborative and lightning-quick DevOps organization is a complex but critical business...
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DevOps Done Right: Five Tips for Implementing Database Infrastructures

But while DevOps can provide many improvements throughout all stages of the development lifecycle, it is imperative to avoid some of the common pitfalls. A fully-firing database is core to any DevOps strategy, because slow data equates to slow results, something the methodology is trying to...
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DevOps Model, A Profile in CIO Leadership, Change Management

Take it from IT leaders who have been there: Adopting a DevOps model will require strong leadership, exceptional people skills, a high tolerance for failure and financial savvy.  CTO Alexander Pluim described his company's situation as typical: An enterprise technology system has issues, no one is...
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