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How to Stay Relevant in the DevOps Era: A SysAdmin's Survival Guide

The merging of development and operations to speed product delivery, or DevOps, is all about agility, automation and information sharing. In DevOps, servers are often treated like cattle”that can be easily replaced, rather than individual pets”to be nurtured. System administrators that built their...
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Defect Prevention and Test Design Optimization Together — CDT

The key to testing is to create the best test case for a given application. Test case creation and implementation is both costly and time consuming, meaning that typically the goal is to optimize this process by planning a moderate-sized and efficient test set which reveals most of the bugs....
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Google Adds Cloud Test Lab Integration to New Android Studio 2.0

Google has updated its key Android development tool, Android Studio, to version 2.0 and added cloud test integration, a GPU debugger, and faster emulation and resource allocation. [VIDEO] Mountain View touts the instant run feature as just about the most important new feature in the upgrade, as it...
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