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Open Source Jobs Report 2016
According to the 2016 Open Source Jobs Report, security is one of the top three open source skills.

Security Skills Give Open Source Professionals a Career Advantage

In today’s market, open source professionals with security expertise are crucial players on an employer roster. The growing use of cloud and big data, as well as the overhaul and expansion of many companies’ tech infrastructures, are driving the demand and need for professionals with this skillset...
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Soft skills, such as mentoring, teamwork, and problem solving, are important for career success.

4 Essential, Non-Technical Skills for Open Source Pros

As an open source professional, even if you have the technical chops required for a position, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a “shoe-in” for the role. Surprisingly, what many don’t know is that what sets you apart from other candidates in the interview process is your soft skills. Finding a...
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Open Source Jobs Report 2016
Employers are in the market for open source professionals with experience in configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible or SaltStack, according to Dice.

How Cloud Computing is Driving Demand for Open Source Talent

There are very few technologies that have had as big an influence on businesses today as cloud computing. It has completely changed the way in which businesses and tech teams think and function. Prior to the adoption of public cloud technologies, businesses relied heavily upon data centers in order...
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