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Distributed Systems: A Quick and Simple Definition

The technology landscape has evolved into an always-on environment of mobile, social, and cloud applications where programs can be accessed and used across a multitude of devices. These always-on and always-available expectations are handled by distributed systems, which manage the inevitable...
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What Is A Distributed System?

“Hello world!” The simplest application to write and operate is one that runs in one thread on a single processor. If that’s so easy, why on earth do we ever build anything else? Usually because we also want operational and developmental performance. A single server is a physical and organisational...
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Distributed Systems Are Hard

In this post, we’ll look at some of the ways distributed systems can trip you up and some of the ways that folks are handling those obstacles. Forget Conway’s Law, distributed systems at scale follow Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” At scale, statistics are not your friend...
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Ben Sigelman
Ben Sigelman, Co-founder of LightStep, says that OpenTracing can help you get stories about your distributed apps without building complex instrumentation or fundamentally changing your code. Watch the presentation from CloudNativeCon below.

Understand Your Distributed Apps with the OpenTracing Standard

Microservices and services-oriented architecture are here to stay, but this kind of distributed system destroys the traditional type of process monitoring. Nonetheless, companies still need to understand just what’s happening inside the flow of an application. Ben Sigelman, Co-founder of LightStep...
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Brendan Burns KubeCon
In his presentation at KubeCon, Brendan Burns showed how distributed systems can be created in just a few lines of code.

Democratizing Distributed Systems with Metaparticle

The best way to take some of the difficulty out of distributed systems is to include the creation of infrastructure directly in code, rather than creating separate config files. Brendan Burns, a software engineer at Microsoft, presented his solution to this problem at KubeCon last November. His...
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Working with Cloud-Based Development Environments

Today's software is served from the cloud and the world's data is stored in the cloud. The benefits are clear. Let the cloud platform providers deal with the complexities of managing servers and data centers, let the users enjoy continuous experience across multiple devices and let developers focus...
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NTP: I Need You to Go Ahead and Love It

It's about time we show NTP some love. This handy protocol has been around for quite a long while and is essential for synchronizing clocks across your network. It's 2016 (almost 2017); why is the time off on your system clocks? It became apparent to me that there are some folks out there that do...
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On Complexity in Big Data

In February of this year, I published the article, Is my developer team ready for big data?, with a figure representing the subjective complexity of mobile, cloud, big data, and NoSQL technologies... My editor for that article, Marie Beaugureau, pushed back on the figure—and rightly so. What’s the...
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Distributing Docker Cache across Hosts

Building and compiling code can take a huge hit on our time and resources. If you have dockerized your application, you may have noticed how much of a time-saver Docker cache is. Lengthy build commands can be cached and not have to be run at all! This works great when you’re building on a single...
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CoreOS Linux is now available in China.

Microsoft Azure Brings CoreOS Linux to China

CoreOS Linux, an open source Linux operating system, is now available in China. Microsoft Azure operator 21Vianet has become the first officially supported cloud provider to offer CoreOS Linux in China. Until now, many Chinese organizations have deployed CoreOS Linux internally, on their own. "As a...
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