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Your Container Orchestration Needs: Kubernetes vs. Mesos vs. Docker Swarm

On a recent client project, I’ve been asked to compare the 3 main players on the market for container orchestration and cluster management solution, these are Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Mesos (a.k.a Data Center Operating System). Last year in October a feature comparison matrix was created by the...
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How to Create a Docker Swarm

If you've worked with Docker containers, you already understand how powerful they can be. But did you know you can exponentially up the power of Docker by creating a cluster of Docker hosts, called a Docker swarm? Believe it or not, this process is really simple. All you need is one machine to...
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Functions as a Service - Deploying Functions to Docker Swarm via a CLI

Functions as a Service or FaaS (by Alex Ellis) is a really neat way of implementing serverless functions with Docker. You can build out functions in any programming language and then deploy them to your existing Docker Swarm. In this post we'll look at an experimental CLI for making this process...
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Docker swarm
John Kinsella shows how to allow services outside the Swarm Mode cluster to discover services running in the cluster.

How to Set Up External Service Discovery with Docker Swarm Mode and Træfik

In my previous post, I showed how to use service discovery built into Docker Swarm Mode to allow containers to find other services in a cluster of hosts. This time, I’ll show you how to allow services outside the Swarm Mode cluster to discover services running in the cluster. It turns out this isn...
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The Basics: Explaining Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and Docker Swarm

The IT world is turning to containers, but to control them you need container management programs. That's where Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and Docker Swarm step in. Containers, a lightweight way to virtualize applications, are an important element of any DevOps plan. But how are you going to manage...
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Mike Goelzer
Mike Goelzer says simple, robust, integrated container orchestration is key to successful containers management in this talk from LinuxCon NA.

Why Native Docker Orchestration is the Best Orchestration

Why is this going to be an interesting talk and why should you care? asks Mike Goelzer of Docker in his LinuxCon North America presentation. The answer is that simple, robust, integrated container orchestration is key to successful containers management, and Goelzer believes that the native Docker...
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Docker CEO: Docker Already Is a Security Platform (with Swarm, That Is)

In a reinforcement of his company’s marketing message that containerization as an architecture is more secure by design, Docker Inc. CEO Ben Golub [pictured right above, with HPE Executive VP Antonio Neri] told attendees at HPE’s Discover London 2016 event last Tuesday morning that the Docker...
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Using Docker Swarm to Create an Overlay Network

In a previous article, we discussed Docker Machine, a tool to create Docker hosts in the cloud. Docker Machine can be extremely handy for local testing if you are on Windows and OS X, but it also adds another dimension when you use it to start Docker hosts in your favorite cloud provider and/or...
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How to Use Docker Machine to Create a Swarm Cluster

Along with Docker Compose, Docker Machine is one of the tools that helps developers get started with Docker. Specifically, Machine allows Windows and OS X users to create a remote Docker host within a cloud provider infrastructure (e.g., Amazon AWS, Google Container Engine, Azure, DigitalOcean)....
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