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An Efficient Approach to Continuous Documentation

An outside observer watching a software developer work on a small feature in a real project would find the process to look less like engineering and more like a contrived scavenger hunt for knowledge new and old. The problem is that we scatter what we learn and teach to the winds. A quick comment...
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5 New Guides for Working With OpenStack

OpenStack experience continues to be among the most in-demand skills in the tech world, with more and more organizations seeking to build and manage their own open source clouds. But OpenStack is a huge domain of knowledge, containing dozen of individual projects that are being actively developed...
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Automation Is the Key for Agile API Documentation

The very idea of documentation often invokes yawns followed by images of old-school, top-down Waterfall project management. Documentation is often seen an albatross to an agile project management process built with rapid iterations, learning from customers, and pivoting. Yet, particularly with the ...
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Chris Ward
Chris Ward delivering a crash course on documentation at LinuxCon Europe in Berlin.

Explain Yourself! Documentation for Better Code

Documentation is one of those areas that never feels quite finished. There are almost always areas that could be updated or improved in some way. In his talk at LinuxCon Europe, Chris Ward provided a crash course on ways to make documentation for your projects better, starting with thinking about...
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Good documentation
Good sysadmins understand the value of good documentation.

Why Good Linux Sysadmins Use Markdown

The Markdown markup language is perfect for writing system administrator documentation: it is lightweight, versatile, and easy to learn, so you spend your time writing instead of fighting with formatting. The life of a Linux system administrator is complex and varied, and you know that documenting...
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Why I Love These Markup Languages

Around this time last year, I wrote a brief introduction to various markup languagesfor this column. The topic of language selection has come up several times recently, so I thought it might be time to revisit the subject with my biases more overt. I'm here to explain why I prefer the languages I...
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Confronting Jargon

Throughout my software engineering career, I’ve struggled with and against jargon. Intellectually, I understand jargon as a set of specialized terms meant to facilitate smooth and precise communication, particularly in a professional context. It binds groups together: it’s the secret handshake, the...
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Stack Overflow Reimagines Documentation

Stack Overflow is bringing gamification to the sometimes dreary labor of software documentation. On Thursday, the company launched Documentation, a new service that aims to document the workings of every software program not behind corporate firewalls. Since its launch in 2008, Stack Overflow has...
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