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Enterprise open source
Free 45-page ebook from The Linux Foundation provides a practical approach to establishing an open source strategy based on more than two decades of experience.

Get Practical Advice for Enterprise Open Source in Free Ebook from The Linux Foundation

When it comes to running and managing open source in the enterprise, experience-driven advice counts for a lot. It is very likely that your organization already runs open source, but many organizations make the mistake of reacting to the open source ecosystem instead of adopting a proactive...
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OS guide
Building leadership in the community is key to establishing trust, enabling collaboration, and fostering the cultural understanding required to be effective in open source.

Free Open Source Guides Offer Practical Advice for Building Leadership

How important is leadership for evolving open source projects and communities? According to the most recent Open Source Guide for the Enterprise from The Linux Foundation and the TODO Group, building leadership in the community is key to establishing trust, enabling collaboration, and fostering the...
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Cloud Foundry
Our recent Cloud Foundry tutorial series provided an overview of Cloud Foundry and how to get started using it to develop applications. Catch up on the whole series here.

Catch Up on the Cloud Foundry Training Series

We’ve been talking a lot about the cloud on Linux.com lately, with a look at the recent KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe in Copenhagen and new Linux and cloud training options, including a new Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Exam and corresponding Kubernetes for Developers course...
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Open source AI
Download this new ebook from The Linux Foundation to learn about some of the most successful open source AI projects.

Free Ebook Offers Insight on 16 Open Source AI Projects

Open source AI is flourishing, with companies developing and open sourcing new AI and machine learning tools at a rapid pace. To help you keep up with the changes and stay informed about the latest projects, The Linux Foundation has published a free ebook by Ibrahim Haddad examining popular open...
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extensible runtimes
In this last part of our Cloud Foundry series, Carla Schroder puts all the pieces together and shows how to push an app.

Cloud Foundry for Developers: Pushing Apps

After following the first four blogs in this series previewing the  Cloud Foundry for Developers training course, you should have a Cloud Foundry instance to use, have the cf CLI installed, and know how to connect to your instance and run commands. Now it's time to push an app to your Cloud Foundry...
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Kubernetes ebook
New ebook outlines how companies are deploying and securing Kubernetes, sharing insights from the most experienced users and advocates of the technology.

CNCF Sponsors New Free “Kubernetes Deployment and Security Patterns” eBook From The New Stack

CNCF is proud to sponsor a new FREE ebook from The New Stack titled Kubernetes Deployment and Security Patterns. Download the ebook today. Moving beyond the shiny new technology stage, the reports posits that Kubernetes is now in adolescence. That means all eyes are tracking its growing maturity,...
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Future proof ebook
Advancing your career requires continuous improvement, and you can improve your job prospects by participating in open source projects.

Future Proof Your SysAdmin Career: Advancing with Open Source

For today’s system administrators, the future holds tremendous promise. In this ebook, we have covered many technical skills that can be big differentiators for sysadmins looking to advance their careers. But, increasingly, open source skillsets can also open new doors. A decade ago, Red Hat CEO...
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Future proof ebook
Strong communication and problem-solving skills are key across all levels of a sysadmin's career. Learn more in this free ebook.

Future Proof Your SysAdmin Career: Communication and Collaboration

Today’s system administrators are wise to arm themselves with specialized technical skillsets, but sysadmins interact with people at least as much as they deal with systems, software, and security. Strong communication capabilities, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills are therefore not...
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The Role of OPNFV in Network Transformation

The Understanding OPNFV book takes an in-depth look at network functions virtualization (NFV) and provides a comprehensive overview of The Linux Foundation’s OPNFV project. In this article, we provide some excerpts from the book and discuss some organizational elements required to make your NFV...
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Future proof ebook
Training options for Linux-focused sysadmins are expanding; download the ebook to learn more.

Future Proof Your SysAdmin Career: Getting Certified

In today’s rapidly changing system administration landscape, skills and credentials count for a lot, but professional certification can also make a difference. With that in mind, let's take a look at five valuable types of certification for sysadmins along with relevant training options. Linux...
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