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SysAdmin’s Essential Guide to Linux Workstation Security: Free Ebook

The SysAdmin’s Essential Guide to Linux Workstation Security lays out a set of baseline recommendations to avoid most glaring security errors without too much headache. This 30-page ebook includes:    • Choosing the right hardware    • Pre-boot environment    • Distro choice and installation...
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Future proof ebook
Sysadmins interested in becoming more fluent with DevOps skills and practices can start by exploring various training options, as examined in this article.

Future Proof Your SysAdmin Career: Embracing DevOps

Sysadmins are increasingly looking to expand their skillsets and carve out new opportunities. With that in mind, many sysadmins are looking to the world of DevOps. At lots of organizations, DevOps has emerged as the most effective method for application delivery, including in the cloud. One of the...
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Future proof ebook
At many organizations, DevOps has emerged as the most effective method for application delivery, including in the cloud.

Future Proof Your SysAdmin Career: Configuration and Automation

System administrators looking to differentiate themselves from the pack are increasingly getting cloud computing certification or picking up skills with configuration management tools. From Puppet, to Chef to Ansible, powerful configuration management tools can arm sysadmins with new skills such as...
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SysAdmin Security
Securing systems and networks calls for varying skillsets depending on platform infrastructure.

Future Proof Your SysAdmin Career: Locking Down Security

For today’s system administrators, gaining competencies that move them up the technology stack and broaden their skillsets is increasingly important. However, core skills like networking remain just as crucial. Previously in this series, we've provided an overview of essentials and looked at...
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SA networking
This article focuses on one of the fundamental skills that every system administrator needs to master: networking.

Future Proof Your SysAdmin Career: New Networking Essentials

In this series, we’re looking at some important considerations for sysadmins who want to expand their skills and advance their careers. The previous article provided an introduction to the concepts we'll be covering, and this article focuses on one of the fundamental skills that every sysadmin...
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Future proof ebook
Today’s sysadmins need command of an ever-expanding array of skills. We cover the skills that hiring managers see as crucial and look at some of the best options for free and low-cost training.

Future Proof Your SysAdmin Career: An Introduction to Essential Skills

As the technology industry evolves, today’s system administrators need command of an ever-expanding array of technical skills. However, many experts agree that skills like effective communication and collaboration are just as important. With that in mind, in this series we are highlighting...
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7 Steps to Start Your Linux SysAdmin Career

Linux is hot right now. Everybody is looking for Linux talent. Recruiters are knocking down the doors of anybody with Linux experience, and there are tens of thousands of jobs waiting to be filled. But what if you want to take advantage of this trend and you’re new to Linux? How do you get started...
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Workstation Security
Linux sysadmins should take extra steps to ensure that their private keys are well protected against theft; learn more in the ebook.

Securing Private Keys on a Linux Sysadmin Workstation

In this last article of our ongoing Linux workstation security series for sysadmins, we’ll lay out our recommendations for how to secure your private keys. If you’re interested in more security tips and a list of resources for more reading (to go further down the rabbit hole of Linux security), I...
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OS platform
Creating a certified, predictable, manageable product requires a lot more effort than just writing good code; learn more from John Mark Walker in this new ebook.

Learn the Secrets of Building a Business with Open Source

Today, if you’re building a new product or service, open source software is likely playing a role. But many entrepreneurs and product managers still struggle with how to build a successful business purely on open source.                     The big secret of a successful open source business is...
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two-factor authentication
Strong, unique, randomly generated passwords are a critical requirement for every user. Here, we cover some best practices involving 2-factor authentication and password creation and use.

Best Practices for 2-Factor Authentication and Password Creation on Linux

As we mentioned in the previous article, web browsers present the largest and the most exposed attack surface on your Linux workstation. We’ve already discussed some best practices that Linux sysadmins can follow to reduce the impact of a compromised browser, such as upgrading to Wayland, using a...
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