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Facebook Open-Sources Android Byte Code Optimizer

Late last year, Facebook enhanced the performance of its Android application with a byte-code-optimizing tool called ReDex. Now, ReDex has been open-sourced. Android developers can use the tool to optimize their own apps at no charge. They can also use it as the basis for other Android byte code...
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The previously previewed Instant Run feature is ready to roll in Android Studio 2.0.
The previously previewed Instant Run feature is ready to roll in Android Studio 2.0. This time-saving extension to the run and debug commands uses a VM swap feature that sends only code that has changed for testing on an emulated device without requiring a recompile or a reinstallation of the APK.

Android Studio 2.0 Speeds Emulation, Adds On-the-Fly Testing

When Google released Android Studio 1.0 integrated development environment (IDE) back in 2013, it was welcomed as a substantial improvement over Eclipse. Yet, Apple’s Xcode tools for iOS has been widely considered to be superior. With the recent release of Android Studio 2.0, however, Google may...
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Remix OS Could Make Nexus Tablets Live Up to Their Potential

Remix OS has quickly gained a well-deserved cult following, thanks to its clever way of taking the Android OS and making it work a little bit more like a desktop OS. It offers proper windows, a browse-able file system, keyboard shortcuts, and full access to official Google Play apps....
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Academics Claim Google Android Two-Factor Authentication Is Breakable

Computer security researchers warn security shortcomings in Android/Playstore undermine the security offered by all SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA). The issue - first reported to Google more than a year ago - revolves around an alleged security weakness rather than a straightforward...
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Google Adds Cloud Test Lab Integration to New Android Studio 2.0

Google has updated its key Android development tool, Android Studio, to version 2.0 and added cloud test integration, a GPU debugger, and faster emulation and resource allocation. [VIDEO] Mountain View touts the instant run feature as just about the most important new feature in the upgrade, as it...
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50 Embedded Linux Conference Presentation Slide Decks on Tap

The Linux Foundation has posted slide presentations from this week’s Embedded Linux Conference, which featured the first ever ELC keynote by Linus Torvalds. In case you missed this week’s North American Embedded Linux Conference and OpenIoT Summit in San Diego, you’ll be happy to know that videos...
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