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Node.js Interactive
Node.js Interactive (Nov. 29-Dec. 2 in Austin, TX) will feature two full days of talks, workshops, and keynotes focused on skill-building and knowledge-sharing in performance, DevOps, debugging, security, machine learning, IoT, and more.

Learn The Future of Node.js From Industry and Community Experts at Node.js Interactive

With almost five million users a month and adoption across numerous industries, Node.js is a universal platform for web applications, IoT development, enterprise application development, and microservice architectures. Its liberal contribution policies have allowed the platform to increase the...
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Big Data
Apache Hadoop provides its diverse users with a solid base and allows them to add on different pieces depending on what they want to accomplish, according to ODPi’s John Mertic, who will be speaking at Apache: Big Data Europe.

Using Apache Hadoop to Turn Big Data Into Insights

The Apache Hadoop framework for distributed processing of large data sets is supported and used by a wide-ranging community -- including businesses, governments, academia, and technology vendors. According to John Mertic, Director of ODPi and the Open Mainframe Project at The Linux Foundation,...
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Open Networking Summit

ONS brings together the networking industry ecosystem of early adopters, service providers, enterprises, disruptive and incumbent vendors, open source projects, leading researchers, business executives and investors to discuss breaking SDN and NFV developments for immediate impact to shape the...
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Vault gathers the developers and users in file systems and storage community to forge a path to continued innovation and education. Learn More
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Linux Storage, Filesystem & Memory Management Summit

The Linux Storage, Filesystem & Memory Management Summit gathers the foremost development and research experts and kernel subsystem maintainers. Learn More
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Open IoT Summit

OpenIoT Summit is a technical event created to serve the unique needs of system architects, firmware developers, software developers and application developers in this emerging IoT ecosystem. Learn More
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Embedded Linux Conference

ELC is the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products. Now in its 12th year, the conference gathers user-space developers, product vendors, kernel and systems developers to collaborate. Learn More
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Open Source Leadership Summit

An exclusive, invitation-only gathering where the world’s thought leaders in open source software and collaborative development convene to share best practices and learn how to manage the largest shared technology investments of our time. Learn More
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Vinu Charanya
Twitter's Vinu Charanya provides details on the metering and chargeback system Twitter engineers built to measure performance in a talk at LinuxCon NA.

Twitter's Chargeback System Measures Resource Use and Sends Out a Bill

Twitter runs on a massively complex infrastructure running thousands of services, so small efficiencies result in large gains. But figuring out how to measure performance is a giant problem in a system this complex, as is giving Twitter's teams the incentive and tools to improve resource allocation...
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Michael Friis
Michael Friis, ‎Product Manager at Docker, shares best practices for setting up and managing production container platforms in this preview to his upcoming talk at CloudNativeCon in Seattle.

Plumbing the Cloud for Containers

Container systems are becoming easier to install, but setting up and managing production container platforms can still be challenging. In his presentation at CloudNativeCon in Seattle, Michael Friis, Product Manager at Docker, will explain what it takes to install and maintain container platforms...
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