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Jim Whitehurst and Wim Coekaerts on stage at LinuxCon 2016
Wim Coekaerts, vice president of open source at Microsoft, and Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat, on stage at LinuxCon 2016 in Toronto, Aug. 23, 2016.

Live From LinuxCon: Red Hat and Microsoft Embrace On Stage

If any LinuxCon moment so far has underscored the evolution of Linux over 25 years, it was during the transition between keynotes this morning when Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst found himself on stage with Microsoft’s new vice president of open source, Wim Coekaerts. The men laughed nervously at the...
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Jim Zemlin
Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation, speaking at LinuxCon North America in Toronto.

Linux at 25: Changing the World with Code

“You can better yourself while bettering others at the same time.” That was the theme of Jim Zemlin’s morning keynote address opening the LinuxCon North America conference in Toronto. Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation, began with a reminder that this week marks the 25th anniversary...
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LinuxCon to Showcase Linux at 25 and How It's Evolved

Linux users are set to assemble for the annual LinuxCon event, this time celebrating the 25th anniversary of the technology and how it's changed. The first time I met Jim Zemlin in person was 10 years ago, when he spoke in front of a small audience at the LinuxWorld Canada event in April 2006. At...
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FSFE Summit 2016

Free Software advocates from all over Europe will be meeting in Berlin from the 2nd to the 4th of September at the FSFE Summit 2016. Apart from working on furthering the adoption of Free Software in Europe, we will also be celebrating the FSFE's 15th anniversary. This is not a technical conference...
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The OPNFV project turns two this fall. Here, OPNFV Director Heather Kirksey offers a preview of her upcoming LinuxCon presentation discussing the current state of the project: “Learning to Swim Upstream: OPNFV’s Approach to Upstream Integration.”

OPNFV’s Path to Network Transformation

The OPNFV project will turn two this October and, says OPNFV Director Heather Kirksey, like any two-year-old, it’s eagerly figuring out the world and how to interact with it -- “sometimes through the occasional skinned knee but also with the excitement of learning and accomplishing new things.”...
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Attend the HackerNest Tech Job Fair Before LinuxCon on Saturday

On Saturday, Aug. 20, HackerNest will host its Tech Job Fair at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. From 1-6 p.m., talented job seekers will speak with representatives from hiring companies. HackerNest is known for blockbuster events like DementiaHack, CourtHack, and monthly Tech Socials. The...
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wall of tools
"Mesos and Aurora make it really easy for engineers at Twitter to deploy their service to multiple environments and clusters... However, orchestrating the deploy pipeline across each step was still left to users. This was done through complex CI job configurations, with bespoke deploy tooling, or even worse - completely manually."

How Twitter Avoids the Microservice Version of “Works on My Machine”

Apache Mesos and Apache Aurora initially helped Twitter engineers to implement more sophisticated DevOps processes and streamline tooling, says software engineer David McLaughlin. But over time a whole new class of bespoke tooling emerged to manage deployment across multiple availability zones as...
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HackerNest Tech Job Fair

HackerNest Tech Job Fair Saturday, August 20th; 1pm-6pm at MaRS Discovery District Discount code for Linux.com readers is HNJF-LNX: http://hckrn.st/2aZgLbe    Job seekers – find your (next) calling. Developers, technologists, and others in tech – uncover new and exciting career opportunities....
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Cloud platforms enable enterprise companies to begin their big data journey faster because of centralized control and administration, massive geographic reach, and the elasticity of IaaS.

Cloud-Based Systems Can Accelerate the Benefits of Big Data

Cloud platforms enable enterprise companies to begin their big data journey much faster than on-premises systems because of centralization of control and administration, massive geographic reach, and because of the elasticity of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that allows you to create just the...
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Alek Slominski, research staff at IBM Watson Research Center
Alek Slominski, research staff at IBM Watson Research Center will present at MesosCon Europe in Amsterdam, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, 2016.

IBM Watson Researchers Share Tips for Serverless Computing on Mesos

Serverless computing is the latest trend in cloud computing brought about by the enterprise shift to containers and microservices. Serverless computing platforms promise new capabilities that make writing scalable microservices easier and more cost effective, say IBM software engineer Diana Arroyo...
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