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Dave Ward
Cisco CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect Dave Ward speaking at Collaboration Summit.

Bring Networking Projects Under A Common Umbrella, Urges Cisco's Dave Ward

As a “networking guy," Cisco CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect Dave Ward finds it frustrating that today, although somebody can fire up an application and ask for CPU, RAM and storage, they can't even ask for bandwidth. They have very simple networking primitives all the way up to the PaaS (...
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Hear from Chris Pinkham, VP of Engineering at Twitter about the challenges of running one of the single largest Mesos clusters known.

At MesosCon: Chris Pinkham Details Twitter's Platform Infrastructure

As a preview to MesosCon, we spoke with Chris Pinkham, VP of Engineering at Twitter, about some of the issues involved with running “one of the largest single Mesos clusters known” and why open source technology is critical to Twitter’s success. In his keynote presentation, “Platform...
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Joshua Bernstein, vice president of technology at EMC, speaks about the open source data center at MesosCon 2016.
Joshua Bernstein, vice president of technology at EMC, speaks about the open source data center at MesosCon 2016.

Watch Apache Mesos Keynotes Live Today at MesosCon

Can’t make it to MesosCon North America this week? The Linux Foundation is pleased to offer free live video streaming of all keynote sessions on June 1-2, 2016. The Apache Mesos conference going on in Denver is a veritable who's who from across the industry of those using Mesos as a framework to...
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Luciano Resende
Luciano Resende, architect at the Spark Technology Center, speaks at Apache Big Data.

IBM Uses Apache Spark Across Its Products to Help Enterprise Customers [Video]

IBM loves Apache Spark. It’s training its engineers on it, it’s contributing to the project, and it’s building many of its big data products on top of the open source platform so IBM’s enterprise customers can use its powerful tools. Luciano Resende, an architect at IBM’s Spark Technology Center,...
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MesosCon 2016 will take place June 1-2 in Denver.
MesosCon 2016 will take place June 1-2 in Denver.

Learn about Apache Mesos and the State of the Art of Microservices from Twitter, Uber, Netflix

When people talk about cloud native applications you almost inevitably hear a reference to a success story using Apache Mesos as an application delivery framework at tremendous scale. With adoption at Twitter, Uber, Netflix, and other companies looking for scale and flexibility — Mesos provides a...
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Dietrich Ayala
Dietrich Ayala speaking at OpenIoT Summit.

Repurposing Old Smartphones for Home Automation

At the recent Embedded Linux Conference and OpenIoT Summit, Mozilla Technical Evangelist Dietrich Ayala proposed a simple and affordable solution to home automation: A discarded smartphone can handle some of the most useful home automation tasks without requiring expensive hubs and sensors -- or...
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All About the DC/OS Open Source Project

This article is sponsored by Mesosphere as a Diamond-level sponsor of MesosCon North America. In April Mesosphere, along with 60 partners (including Accenture, Autodesk, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Yelp and Microsoft), announced the DC/OS project, what has been called the first open and comprehensive...
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PromCon 2016

PromCon 2016 will be the first conference around the Prometheus monitoring system. It will take place from August 25 - 26 at Google Berlin and will be a single-track event with space for 80 attendants. All talks will be recorded and published after the event to create maximum exposure. PromCon aims...
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Tree planting
Communities members plant tree seedlings in Kenya as part of a forest carbon project supported by CCI. Photo credit: Mary Petrini.

Moja Global: Creating Open Source Tools to Help the Environment

To understand and address issues such as land degradation, deforestation, food security, and greenhouse gas emissions, countries need access to high-quality and timely information. As these challenges have become more urgent over the past decade, the need for more information has also increased. At...
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OPNFV’s Inaugural Plugfest Hosted by CableLabs

OPNFVs first Plugfest was held at CableLabs facility in Louisville, CO. This event, which focused on deployment and integration of OPNFV as well as Virtual Network Function (VNF) applications, was open to both OPNFV members and non-members. A key goal of the Plugfest was to fortify OPNFV's...
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