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What’s the Difference Between the 5 Hyperledger Blockchain Projects?

The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project, which is focused on open source blockchain technology, divides its work into five sub projects. Hyperledger Executive Director Brian Behlendorf said Hyperledger’s technical steering committee must approve each new sub project, and it’s looking for...
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Chris Ferris OSLS
Good governance and a truly open and collaborative environment are crucial for blockchain tech, says Christopher Ferris, CTO of open technology at IBM and member of Hyperledger’s leadership, at Open Source Leadership Summit.

Why Open Collaboration Is Crucial for Blockchain Tech

The one-year-old Hyperledger Project has already come a long way in making the innovative blockchain technology used in Bitcoin a viable option for secure business transactions. That was the clear message from Christopher Ferris in his keynote at the Open Source Leadership Summit in February....
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Hyperledger Nears Release of Its First Production-Ready Blockchain

The Hyperledger project, a cross-industry open source blockchain group led by the Linux Foundation, plans to release its first production-ready distributed ledger code base by the end of the month, as projects involving the nascent technology begin to mature. Hyperledger Fabric is a type of...
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