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A Look Inside Facebook's Open Source Program

Open source becomes more ubiquitous every year, appearing everywhere from government municipalities to universities. Companies of all sizes are also increasingly turning to open source software. In fact, some companies are taking open source a step further by supporting projects financially or...
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Praekelt.org uses mobile devices to provide critical information and services to combat maternal mortality rates.

How Praekelt.org and Open Source Provide Critical Services to Enable Social Change

In Eastern and Southern Africa, women are still dying unnecessarily during the basic, natural act of giving life. According to Unicef, “In 2010, close to 58,000 women lost their lives during pregnancy and childbirth, accounting for more than one fifth of all such deaths in the world.” Gustav...
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Facebook Tries a New Way to Release Open-Source Projects

Last week, Facebook launched Create React App, a new project that helps React developers get started with their new projects. Turns out, that was only part of the story. Create React App was also the first project to enter the Facebook Incubator on GitHub. The Facebook Incubator is the company’s...
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Facebook 360 camera
Facebook open sources “Surround360” video capture system, posting full specs and code on GitHub.

Facebook Open Sources 17-Camera Surround360 Rig with Ubuntu Stitching Software

In April, Facebook announced it had built a “Surround360” 3D-360 video capture system, but that it did not plan to sell it. Instead, the social networking giant promised it would open source both the hardware and the Ubuntu Linux-based software used to stitch together images from the camera into...
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SDN Factors Into Packet Optical Convergence

Earlier this year, Facebook led the charge to launch a new open source group – the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) – whose mission is to improve global Internet connections. TIP will employ the same methods Facebook has used to re-design data centers via its Open Compute Project (OCP). Some of TIP’s...
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Facebook Lauds Terragraph Cost Savings

Facebook says its Terragraph system could revolutionize service provider economics, insisting the cost point it is targeting for the wireless technology is "significantly" less than that of rival connectivity solutions. Announced last month, Terragraph uses unlicensed spectrum in the 60GHz range to...
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Facebook promises release of own 'modular routing platform'

Facebook has promised to open source a “modular routing platform” it says powers many of its own networks. “Open/R” was developed to power Facebook's Terragraph WiFi networks. Now The Social Network says the more it played with the code, the more it became apparent it was fit for general purpose...
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Open Source Projects Are Transforming Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have quickly gained traction with the public through applications such as Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. The true promise of these disciplines, though, extends far beyond simple speech recognition performed on our smartphones.  New, open source...
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Facebook Open-Sources Android Byte Code Optimizer

Late last year, Facebook enhanced the performance of its Android application with a byte-code-optimizing tool called ReDex. Now, ReDex has been open-sourced. Android developers can use the tool to optimize their own apps at no charge. They can also use it as the basis for other Android byte code...
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Omar Baldonado, director of engineering at Facebook
Omar Baldonado, director of engineering at Facebook, gave a keynote presentation at Open Networking Summit (ONS) in Santa Clara, Calif., March 14-17, 2016.

Is Software Eating Networking? Facebook Says ‘Yes’

Thanks to Linux, open source has become the de facto development model for a majority of enterprise software projects -- and that’s quickly becoming true in the networking space, as well.   Networking is playing a pivotal role at Facebook, for example, which has written a lot of open source-based ...
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